Cuts addresses our Uncertain Future with 'A Gradual Decline'

Anthony Tombling Jr a.k.a. ‘Cuts’ is a British film maker and composer who approaches his productions with a sense of purpose, which is palpable in his upcoming release ‘A Gradual Decline’ out Nov 30th on Village Green Recordings.  Tombling says “We are living in the age of the Anthropocene and it feels like everything is in decline. We’re in a moment where extinction is regular. I wanted this record to reflect these frailties.” It is obvious from this statement that Anthony deeply feels the decline of these corroding landscapes plagued by global warming and industrial pollution. Although Tombling is commenting on dire facts most of us are already aware of, it is his unique, skillful and even hopeful interpretation of this tipping point that really sets this work apart.

Music can bring us to many different places. We can seek comfort in nostalgia, we can seek escape in hedonism, we can seek joy in stories that are told in which we can relate to and sometimes, when we can bare it, we seek truth in music like this. ‘ A Gradual Decline’ is an urgent call to action reflecting all the bleak sobering realities of a contemptuous zeitgeist. It is a record that gives a raw and unfiltered look into the harsh, hard to swallow truths of environmental decay. And in an auditory sense, this is exactly how the album feels. Crushed percussion, a dark driving bassline, harrowing melodies and somber sonic textures sustain a focused feeling of frailty. ‘A Gradual Decline’ is a project of political importance. It is a drop in the ocean of music, with the potential to be powerful, moving and poignant as we stand facing a most uncertain future.

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Idm-tinged ambient-techno from German duo 'qrauer'

Creating a variety of left leaning electronica, from micro house to ambient techno, Christian Grochau and Ludwig Bauer aka qrauer are a breath of fresh air in the often formulaic world of modern dance music. With a 4/4 framework driving their tracks, the duo’s productions are heavy on lush sound design and sonic experimentation while remaining reined in enough to sit comfortably within an eclectic DJ set.

With both Christian and Ludwig coming from strong musical backgrounds, Christian being a virtuosic percussionist and Ludwig being a skilled pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, the two are able to find the perfect balance between danceable musicality and genre pushing electronic aesthetics.

Their debut EP ‘Aracus’ fully harnesses the duo’s creative powers and concentrates them into 4 tracks of organic sidewinder rhythms and awe-inspiring moments of cinematic brilliance. Brokebone is the concluding track of the album, with an off-kilter chorus of impressively honed percussive elements and richly coloured brutish leads, the track wraps up the EP nicely while leaving us hungry for the next sonic ‘tour de force’ from the ingenious German duo.

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Eelke Kleijn releases title track from upcoming album- 'Moments of Clarity'

The multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Eelke Kleijn strikes again with a euphoric slice of set-ending deep house. But to simply say the track is a great example of the genre would be a bit of an understatement, as ‘Moments of Clarity’ is an eclectic mix of styles and aesthetics. Sure, one can hear some deep house sensibilities, but upon a closer listen it’s apparent that this production skillfully combines elements of downtempo, ambient, house and even breaks.

Regardless of the classification, one thing is for sure, this track provides the perfect bit of introspection suited so well to the end of a set. As Kleijn elucidates “‘Moments of Clarity’ is the kind of track I would play right at the end of my set. Imagine playing it at sunrise after a long intense night. That’s how I envisioned the track while working on it.”

’Moments of Clarity’ serves as the third single and title track from his much anticipated, upcoming third album set to release this fall. Landing on his own ‘Days like Nights’ label, the in-demand dutchman continues to balance his duties as a producer, DJ, soundtrack composer and label head with an eye on an increasingly bright future ahead.

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Experimental electronica from Toronto's Fried Dough

Fried Dough is an electronic psych band that blends dark trip hop grooves and spacey ambient textures with elements of experimental music and IDM. While working on commercial music projects at an ad agency in Toronto, Canada, Andrew Cariboni and Aaron Gaistman became friends over a shared love for independent electronic producers and psych-tinged jam bands. The two formed 'Fried dough' as a vehicle for their creative output and friend Nolan Bouvier later joined the band in 2016. 

With a strong history of eclectic indie music, including Broken Social Scene, Caribou, Metric, and Death from Above 1979, Toronto is no stranger to bands that blur the lines between genres and styles. Fried Dough not only sees the groups various members playing a wide range of instruments, but also producing a full spectrum of tracks from pink floyd esque flowing psychedelia to texture-rich cutting edge electronic music. 

The latter best describes the groups most recent track 'Brume' which is a brief yet powerful two and a half minutes of brain twisting idm and swelling analog synths. Despite the apocalyptic overtones the track ultimately concludes with a sense of resolve and optimism. 



Tokiomi "Secret Stash" A/V collab- Laine Butler

To celebrate the release of Tokiomi "Secret Stash" we have another fresh audio/visual collaboration, this time coming from Vancouver's- Laine Butler. Laine is a multi-faceted artist, with experience in sound design, graphic design, and visual art. His work has been featured in theatre pieces, films, video games as well as art exhibitions and late night electronic events. Read more about his works over at

Tokiomi "Secret Stash" A/V collab- Arya

For our third visual collaboration we reached out to another west coast favourite- Arya. Multimedia artist and designer, Arya's works have been featured at Bass Coast Festival, in international publications, and accompanying a wide range of live performances. Check out his interpretation of tokiomi's unique soundscapes below :) or read more about his work at

Tokiomi "Secret Stash" A/V collab- Tev 13

It's release week!  Japanese beatmaker Tokiomi releases his first full length album "Secret Stash" this coming Thursday, November, 16.  To celebrate our first physical release we collaborated with 7 of our favourite visual artists to get their interpretation of the sounds 🎶  

Here's the first clip from Vancouver visual artist - TEV 13 

Flashback Friday- Kelowna Live PA trip

Palace of Manufactures Opening: Kelowna's 1st Pop-Up Art Gallery

On the weekend of Saturday June 12th, the ADSR collective took to the sunny skies of the Okanagon Valley in pursuit of the finest sights, sips and sounds. 

Bramble Copeman
Nathalie Denise Coulombe
Natasha Harvey
Jenny Long
Meghan Wise   

Live PA sets
Leona Noche

Thanks to Sean Shepard for all the hard work putting this thing together!