Nikitch & Kuna Maze mix genres masterfully for their 'Mush EP'

You would be forgiven for thinking, upon first hearing Nikitch & Kuna Maze’s ‘JPS’, that the duo hailed from the PNW; indeed, the track begins with a taste of that easy rolling house sound that’s become a signature of the area. But no sooner than when you start to get comfortable with that opening, the French duo flips the script and break the track wide open with a bright, syncopated synth line that propels you in new energetic directions, ultimately culminating into a satisfying downtempo crescendo.

But give the rest of the EP a listen, titled ‘Mush’, and you’ll see that switching things up is less a surprise than a central theme for these artists. No two tracks have the same tempo, the genre influences are blurry and indistinct. There’s a seamless blend of syncopated instrumentation, beautiful synth programming, and crisp polyrhythmic beats; and yet, each track is also undeniably equal parts jazz, funk, and soul. It’s no wonder, then, that acid jazz pioneer Gilles Peterson has already been supporting this release. It catches the spirit of acid jazz, and places it squarely in a context that could only exist right now. Stream JPS above, and you’ll see why.

You can find the entirety of Nikitch & Kuna Maze’s Mush EP on Bandcamp, as well as on Tru Thoughts Records.

— review by autonomy

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Primate's new EP 'Out of Time' is anything but Primitive

Human life is on the edge of being wiped out, while nature is taking back over” 

A simple dystopian description from Brighton-based producer Joe Vince, aka Primate, describing his latest EP ‘Out of Time'‘. The release imagines a future where our disaster-ridden civilizations approach extinction as the organic creep of the natural world begins to set in.

In many ways ‘organic’ might just be the key word here, as synth-rich soundscapes, textured atmospheres, and naturally swung percussion frame the release as a whole. But it’s really the balance between organic and electronic elements that makes this release shine.

Take the opening track ‘Exposed’ as the perfect example. Organic arpeggiated bells dance up high while slithering electronic synths lurk in and out of the soundscape. As Vince explains-
"Exposed is apocalyptic story telling music, heavily inspired by cinematic sound design."

’Out of Time’ achieves a rare balance of organic and electronic elements, musical and technical, all the while presenting the larger narrative of our temporal existence alongside the ever-present natural world.

Support the release on Bandcamp out now via Small Print Recordings

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ADSR Radio #20: The Mutek Festival special

Listen back to our 20th radio episode, focusing on Montreal electronic festival: Mutek!  Hear two hours of electronic sounds and flavours from Mutek's closing night lineup. Tune in 📡 

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Music from the ADSR Blog- Radio Special

Halfway through our month long takeover of London based radio station- Resonance FM, we bring you part one of a special ADSR blog showcase series.  Unpacking the deep crates of exceptional tunes from artists interviewed on the blog over the years.  Enjoy 2 hours of downtempo, lofi beats, dubtechno, and experimental electronica from a hand picked selection of innovative artists from around the world.

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