ADSR Collective Label Artist Tokiomi from Tokyo, Japan and based in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Bio //

Tokiomi is a Tokyo-born, Vancouver-based Producer, DJ, and Photographer.
In high school, he started producing music by sampling Hip-Hop beats. During his search for production material, he discovered and learned about music from all over the world.
Tokiomi questioned what exactly he wanted to convey with music. He then started to focus on his own style when he moved to Vancouver, Canada back in 2009. Around this time, his production style shifted towards free form and Tokiomi found his biggest source of inspiration—the beautiful nature of British Columbia—that led him to field recording.
Armed with a portable ZOOM recorder, Tokiomi started to collect sounds from his daily routine. He combines sounds of nature and the urban landscape into his production.

Releases // ADSR003 // ADSR008