Tokiomi- Secret Stash

Tokiomi Secret Stash ADSR limited cassette release

Release Description

Tokiomi's Secret Stash is a limited release cassette tape containing all new original material from Japanese beatmaker: Tokiomi Tsuta. The double-sided album features 2 x twenty minute "sets" of seamlessy mixed beats, atmospheres and sonic environments with Toki's signature sound present throughout. Having spent the better part of the last decade refining his craft, this new album serves as the culmination of years of field recording, exploring and honing his production skills. From the Tokyo underground to the wild mountains of British Columbia, take a trip with Tokiomi through a wonderful world of surreal sounds and endless sonic possibilities.

Release info. 

Release date: Nov. 16. 2017
Genre: Downtempo
Production: Tokiomi Tsuta
Artwork: Tokiomi Tsuta
Mastering: Shawn Hatfield
Publisher: ADSR Collective
Catalogue number: ADSR008


Stream: Spotify
A/V Collab: Youtube Playlist
Purchase: Bandcamp // Beatport
Format: Cassette Tape // Digital