Tokiomi- Night-time in Tofino

ADSR Collective Label Release 003 Night-time in Tofino by Tokiomi album cover

Release Description

Night-time in Tofino
Take a trip through the twinkling west coast rainforest.  Tokiomi crafts a beautiful diorama of organic sounds, from howling wolves, to crackling bonfires on the beach.  

Here we have another chilled out beat experience from the talented Japanese producer.  Taking it's name from the rare order of fish which was thought to be extinct since the cretaceous period, Coelacanth takes the listener on a deep downtempo trip.     

Release info. 

Release date: Dec. 28. 2016
Genre: Downtempo
Production: Tokiomi Tsuta
Album Photography: Brandon McGrath
Mastering: Sean Hatfield
Publisher: ADSR Collective
Catalogue number: ADSR003


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Format: Digital