ADSR Radio #26- Rainy day techno vibes

As the autumn months roll into Vancouver, the west coast turns a moody shade of grey with the days getting shorter and the rain clouds moving in for the next few months. What better time to dig into some minimal / left field techno records?


Tracklist coming soon...

ADSR Radio #25- Thanksgiving with Motip White

This week on ADSR Radio we are joined by @dorfjungs founder and Cologne DJ / producer- @motipwhite. Flying under the radar whilst releasing a series of left field techno gems, Mr. Motip has brought a collection of tunes from his city, his label and his upcoming EP. So grab another slice of pumpkin pie and put your feet up for 2 hours of eclectic selections from the German underground favourite.


Tracklist coming soon... 

ADSR Radio #21- Friends from Montreal

This week on ADSR Radio we feature a very special selection of Montreal artists from across the electronic music spectrum. From left field experimental to house, techno, and hip hop, join host @heuristics as he uncovers hidden gems from the French-Canadian city.

Tune into ADSR Radio every Monday from 4-6 PM PST


ADSR Radio #21

1. Wiklow & Fake electronics - Little tremors- unreleased
2. Wiklow & Fake electronics - Topographic- unreleased
3. Wiklow & Fake electronics - Oblique- unreleased
4. Wiklow & Fake electronics - Maybe now, maybe later- unreleased
5. Wiklow & Fake electronics - Number of names- unreleased
6. Alicia Hush - Cingulate (dull remix)- The Slightest Inkling- Hushlamb
7. Alicia Hush - Larksnark- The Slightest Inkling- Hushlamb
8. Alicia Hush - Synapse on Sunday- The Slightest Inkling- Hushlamb
9. Alicia Hush - The Slightest Inkling- The Slightest Inkling- Hushlamb
10. Flandez- Wind waves- Window Shadow- Hushlamb
11. Flandez- Tide rip- Window Shadow- Hushlamb
12. Flandez- Sudden drops (Ana+one remix)- Window Shadow- Hushlamb
13. Rivesaltes- De Niue- Encro e Clarun- Hushlamb
14. Rivesaltes- Sounsouneja - Encro e Clarun- Hushlamb
15. Rivesaltes- Esvei- Encro e Clarun- Hushlamb
16. Atamone- Northwinds and Stars- unreleased
17. Atamone- Mellominds sp beat-  unreleased
18. Atamone- Ode2vibes-  unreleased
19. Atamone- Sara-  unreleased
20. Atamone- Fifteen twenty-  unreleased
21. Atamone- mistysaturdaymello- unreleased
22. Atamone- Valsa- Rosemont EP- Self released
23. Atamone- do it in- Rosemont EP- Self released

ADSR Radio #19- Sounds from the ADSR Blog (Part 2)

Part 2 of the ADSR Blog retrospective special brings us a jam packed two hours of bleeps, bloops and basslines. With tracks from west coast favourites Noah Pred, Rennie Foster and Michael Red, to the international sounds of Naibu, Mystica Tribe and DAAT, get ready for a full spectrum tasting of the electronic underground.  

Check out the full blog features here:



1. Snowday- Ceremony- Evoke - Hybridity
2. Snowday- Detour - Evoke - Hybridity
3. Snowday- Evoke - Evoke - Hybridity
4. Naibu - Astray- Case Study - Scientific Records
5. Naibu - Fighting for Attention - Case Study - Scientific Records
6. Naibu- Case Study- Case Study- Scientific Records
7. Rennie Foster- Fictional Town (feat. Airily) - unreleased
8. Rennie Foster- Can Control- Providence- RF
9. Noah Pred- Rare Beast- Rare Beast EP- Biotop
10. Noah Pred- Demiurge - Rare Beast EP- Biotop
11. Synkro & Michael Red- Smoke Mountain- Smoke Mountain- Low Indigo
12. Southern Shores- Marazul (DAAT remix)- HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
13. DAAT - 走る男 (The Running Man) - HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
14. DAAT - Elevator - HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
15. DAAT - Fridge - HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
16. Mystica Tribe- Jade Eyes- Jade Eyes EP- Mystica Tribe Records
17. Mystica Tribe- Love Light - Jade Eyes EP- Mystica Tribe Records
18. Flatland Sound Studio- Kelper- Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
19. Flatland Sound Studio- Sea Me- Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
20. Flatland Sound Studio- Worship- Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
21. Flatland Sound Studio- Gush - Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
22. OKPK- Theme from Lager Mountain- unreleased
23. OKPK- Take me to the Bridge- unreleased
24. Domtron- Longwave- Longwave- ADSR Collective
25. Domtron- Sierra - Longwave- ADSR Collective

ADSR Radio #2- Music from friends

ADSR Radio episode 2 features two hours of digital selections from label manager, Sean Mallion.  Starting the show off with a collection of field recordings, and progressing into a number of unreleased gems from Mary Yalex, Patrick Zigon, Magamura and more.    

Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Leona Noche- JP0000_0341- field recording
2. Leona Noche- JP0000_0344- field recording
3. Leona Noche- JP0000_0345- field recording
3. Leona Noche- KOREA0_036101- field recording
4. Snowday- Ceremony- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
5. Snowday- Detour- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
6. Snowday- Evoke- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
7. Mary Yalex - Some kind of joy- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
8. Mary Yalex - Habour Lights- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
9. Mary Yalex - Here and nowhere else- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
10. MI DI - Dec 13 - Eve (single) - ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
11. Lumiere - So Real- So Real (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
12. MI DI- Eve - Eve (single) - ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
13. Lumiere - Last of Us- So Real (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
14. Emanuele Pertoldi - Echelon Echo- Natural Echos EP- Subself (2014)
15. datataste- gwerk.4_122- unreleased
16. EPS & J-Path- Tame Your Demons- unreleased
17. Patrick Zigon- Ich See- Due to Fog- Biotop (Forthcoming)
18. Patrick Zigon- Out Of Touch- Due to Fog- Biotop (Forthcoming)
19. Domtron- Sierra- Longwave (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
20. Andrew Van Hassel- Sidechain Fuck You up- unreleased
21. Ian Mcmillain- Iron 6.0- unreleased
22. HideoNakasako- 2gD2- unreleased
23. Magamura - Enolah- Supernaturals- Kebko Music (2017)
24. Magamura - Tundra- Supernaturals - Kebko Music (2017)
25. Magamura - Yeti- Supernaturals- Kebko Music (2017)