ADSR Radio #19- Sounds from the ADSR Blog (Part 2)

Part 2 of the ADSR Blog retrospective special brings us a jam packed two hours of bleeps, bloops and basslines. With tracks from west coast favourites Noah Pred, Rennie Foster and Michael Red, to the international sounds of Naibu, Mystica Tribe and DAAT, get ready for a full spectrum tasting of the electronic underground.  

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1. Snowday- Ceremony- Evoke - Hybridity
2. Snowday- Detour - Evoke - Hybridity
3. Snowday- Evoke - Evoke - Hybridity
4. Naibu - Astray- Case Study - Scientific Records
5. Naibu - Fighting for Attention - Case Study - Scientific Records
6. Naibu- Case Study- Case Study- Scientific Records
7. Rennie Foster- Fictional Town (feat. Airily) - unreleased
8. Rennie Foster- Can Control- Providence- RF
9. Noah Pred- Rare Beast- Rare Beast EP- Biotop
10. Noah Pred- Demiurge - Rare Beast EP- Biotop
11. Synkro & Michael Red- Smoke Mountain- Smoke Mountain- Low Indigo
12. Southern Shores- Marazul (DAAT remix)- HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
13. DAAT - 走る男 (The Running Man) - HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
14. DAAT - Elevator - HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
15. DAAT - Fridge - HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
16. Mystica Tribe- Jade Eyes- Jade Eyes EP- Mystica Tribe Records
17. Mystica Tribe- Love Light - Jade Eyes EP- Mystica Tribe Records
18. Flatland Sound Studio- Kelper- Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
19. Flatland Sound Studio- Sea Me- Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
20. Flatland Sound Studio- Worship- Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
21. Flatland Sound Studio- Gush - Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
22. OKPK- Theme from Lager Mountain- unreleased
23. OKPK- Take me to the Bridge- unreleased
24. Domtron- Longwave- Longwave- ADSR Collective
25. Domtron- Sierra - Longwave- ADSR Collective

ADSR Radio #3 - Vinyl jungle jazz

Sean Mallion aka Heuristics takes us through a full 2 hour vinyl mix.  Lots of classic jazzy jungle, atmospheric dnb and chilled out downtempo tracks.    

ADSR Radio 003 Tracklist (Artist- Track- release- label-year)

1. Goldie- Inner city life (Rabbit in the Moons Vocalic City mix)- Inner City Life the Remixes- FFRR (1996)
2. Jonny L- This time- Jungle Jazz Vol.1 - IRMA (1996)
3. LTJ Bukem- Atlantis - Apollo Two- Good Looking Records (1992)
4. Hidden Agenda- Is it Love?- Jungle Jazz Vol.1 - IRMA (1996)
5. Wax Doctor- Amospheric Funk- Jungle Jazz Vol.1- IRMA (1996)
6. Big Bud- Pure- Pure EP- Good Looking Records (1999)
7. Alex Reece- Pulp Fiction- Jungle Jazz Vol.1 - IRMA (1996)
8. Model 500- I wanna be there (Wax Doctor remix)- In order to Dance pt.6- R&S Records
9. Flytronix- Rare Tear pt.2- Shadow 72R- Moving Shadow (1996)
10. Hidden Agenda- Rogue Soul- Rogue Soul / The Slide- Creative Source (1996)
11. Mampi Swift- Feels Good- Shadow Boxing / Feels good- Integral Recordings (1997)
12.  Hidden Agenda- The Slide - Rogue Soul / The Slide- Creative Source (1996)
13. Calibre- Do your thang now- Do your thang now / inpulse- Green Label (2000)
14. High Contrast- Global Love (calibre remix)- Global Love / Return of forever remixes- Hospital Records (2002)
15. Calibre- Twister- Kingz of the rollers EP vol.2- 31 Records (2003)
16. Naibu- There- There / Doubts (Spinline remix)- Inside Recordings (2012)
17. Omni Trio- Nu Birth- Nu Birth / Breakbeat Etiquette- Moving Shadow (2000)
18. Rantoul - Modular - Changing Landscapes- Good Looking Records (2000)
19. Omni Trio- Breakbeat etiquette - Nu Birth / Breakbeat Etiquette- Moving Shadow (2000)
20. Calibre and Singings Fats- Drop it down- drop it down / bleep- Signature records (2004)
21. DJ Serious- A Childhoods End (instrumental)- A Childhoods end / X-Ray - Headless Heros Records (1999)
22. Jaffa- Elevator (Herbaliser Remix)- Elevator- Nude Recordings (2000)
23. Jaffa- Sneakin’ (Vocal) - Elevator- Nude Recordings (2000)
24. Bonobo- Flutter- Dial ‘M’ for Monkey- Ninja Tune (2003)
25. A Forest Mighty Black- Everything (Freakniks remix)- Mellowdramatic (remixed)- Compost Records (1999)
26. Boards of Canada- Satellite Anthem Icarus- The Campfire Headphase- Warp Records (2005)