ADSR Radio #17- Vancouver and beyond...

This week on ADSR Radio we showcase some local sounds from the hazey west coast city of Vancouver, Canada, as well as some downtempo, deep house, and experimental sounds from further afield. This also marks the first episode of the month-long Resonance Extra takeover of London-based parent station: Resonance FM.


ADSR Radio 17
Mon. Aug. 7. 2017

Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Datataste - Homecave - Grainstorm- NewBodyAlliance (Buy here
2. Datataste - Living Dunes - Grainstorm- NewBodyAlliance
3. Datataste - Canyon - Grainstorm- NewBodyAlliance
4. Datataste - The Crossing - Grainstorm- NewBodyAlliance
5. Clear State - Type 2094- Jeju Digital (See here)
6. Clear State - Walled City- Jeju Digital
7. Clear State - Saturatas- Jeju Digital
8. Clear State - Freewinds- Jeju Digital
9. Westcoast Trail- Segue- Pacifica- Silent Season (Buy here)
10. Snowday- Detour- Evoke- Hybridity Music (Buy here)
11. Mary Yalex - Habour Lights- unreleased (Hear more)
12. Mary Yalex- Star Gazing- unreleased
13. Mary Yalex- Lazy Day- unreleased
14. Mary Yalex - Somewhere along the Highway- unreleased
15. MI DI- Eve- Eve (single)- ADSR Collective (Buy here
16. Konstantin - Heart Beats- unreleased (Hear more
17. Konstantin - For the Mind- unreleased
18. December Beaches- November 97'- It's Not Fair He Gets to Do Morphine (single)- ADSR Collective (Buy here)
19. Tokiomi- Secret stash (Side A)- Secret Stash- ADSR Collective (Hear more

ADSR Radio #2- Music from friends

ADSR Radio episode 2 features two hours of digital selections from label manager, Sean Mallion.  Starting the show off with a collection of field recordings, and progressing into a number of unreleased gems from Mary Yalex, Patrick Zigon, Magamura and more.    

Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Leona Noche- JP0000_0341- field recording
2. Leona Noche- JP0000_0344- field recording
3. Leona Noche- JP0000_0345- field recording
3. Leona Noche- KOREA0_036101- field recording
4. Snowday- Ceremony- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
5. Snowday- Detour- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
6. Snowday- Evoke- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
7. Mary Yalex - Some kind of joy- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
8. Mary Yalex - Habour Lights- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
9. Mary Yalex - Here and nowhere else- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
10. MI DI - Dec 13 - Eve (single) - ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
11. Lumiere - So Real- So Real (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
12. MI DI- Eve - Eve (single) - ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
13. Lumiere - Last of Us- So Real (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
14. Emanuele Pertoldi - Echelon Echo- Natural Echos EP- Subself (2014)
15. datataste- gwerk.4_122- unreleased
16. EPS & J-Path- Tame Your Demons- unreleased
17. Patrick Zigon- Ich See- Due to Fog- Biotop (Forthcoming)
18. Patrick Zigon- Out Of Touch- Due to Fog- Biotop (Forthcoming)
19. Domtron- Sierra- Longwave (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
20. Andrew Van Hassel- Sidechain Fuck You up- unreleased
21. Ian Mcmillain- Iron 6.0- unreleased
22. HideoNakasako- 2gD2- unreleased
23. Magamura - Enolah- Supernaturals- Kebko Music (2017)
24. Magamura - Tundra- Supernaturals - Kebko Music (2017)
25. Magamura - Yeti- Supernaturals- Kebko Music (2017)