ADSR Radio #6- Pretty Good Not Bad special

This week on ADSR Radio we have a special "Pretty Good Not Bad" (PGNB) Festival recap show. PGNB takes place in Victoria BC and is now in its second year. The festival showcases ambient and experimental electronic artists from the west coast and beyond.

Visual artist Nicolas Sasoon:
Noise/experimental musician Katherine Kline :

Pretty Good Not Bad festival website:

ADSR Radio 006
Monday. May 22. 2017

ADSR Radio 006 (Artist- track- album- label)
1. Magneticring - Sirens- Sing a long EP- self released
2. Nicolas Sassoon interview
3. Magneticring - Side A - Seattle, April 2nd 2011- All the Fluid is Floating - Dokuro
4. Sarah Davachi - For voice- All My Circles Run- Students of Decay
5. Sarah Davachi - Chanter- All My Circles Run - Students of Decay
6. Slope - January- obsidian - Low Indigo
7. Slope - northern winds (feat kline)- Obsidian - Low Indigo
8. Slope - Plumes- obsidian - Low Indigo
9. Katherine Kline interview
10. Dreamcatcher Radio Play Live at CKUT on Montreal Sessions
11. Wiklow-No harm from ghosts and spirits- Forthcoming
12. Wiklow-Solar months-Forthcoming
13. Wiklow- Leave no tracks, cast no shadows- Forthcoming
14 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith- Stunts- Euclid- Western Vinyl
15. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith- Glide- Euclid- Western Vinyl
16. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith- Escapade- Euclid- Western Vinyl
17. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith- Labyrinth- Euclid- Western Vinyl
18. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith- Labyrinth- IIEuclid- Western Vinyl