ADSR Radio #16- IDM and Experimental sounds

ADSR Radio #16 brings us two hours of IDM, left field, and experimental sounds. With tunes from Compost Records, Warp, Mo Wax, Ninja Tune, Kruder & Dorfmeister, as well as early electronic pioneer Hugh LeCaine.  


Tracklist coming soon...

ADSR Radio #4 - Minimal dnb

This week ADSR radio host Sean aka Heuristics explores the deeper side of drum & bass music, with two hours of left field and minimal selections.  

ADSR Radio #004 (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Mary Yalex- Sunday Evening- Forthcoming ADSR Collective  
2. Mary Yalex- Hope is in you- Forthcoming ADSR Collective
3. DAAT- Elevator- HVAC- Detuned Trasmissions  
4. Blisco- Defrost (Ding remix)- Unreleased
5. Metro- Other Side- Vector Files EP- Ortem Music
6. DAAT- Sub- HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
7. Metro- Atom Smasher- Vector Files EP- Detuned Transmissions
8. ASC- Plasma- Colours Fade Vol.1- Auxiliary Music
9. DAAT- Fridge- HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
10. ASC- Trope- Colours Fade Vol.2- Auxiliary Music
11. Bop- Impermanence- Blood Pressure- Med School
12. Sam KDC- Chains- Duality EP- CX Digital
13. Scuba- Tense (Ramadanman remix)- Buried Treasure Vol.2- Hotshore recordings
14. Synth Sense- Metal Work- Intelligent Systems EP Vol.3- Deep Soul Music
15. Synkro- Dwelling- Blood Pressure- Med School
16. Silent Dust-1959- Silent Dust- None60
17. Sam KDC- Marine Light- Marine Light EP- Auxiliary
18. FIS- Two Swords- Auxcast Vol.1- Auxiliary
19. DAAT- All of them- HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
20. Edware Oberson- Noir- Quality over Quantity Vol.3- 31 Records
21. D Bridge- The Little Things- The little things / Cornered- Metalheadz
22. Astrophone- Cutworks- Astrophone / Quark Factory- SoundTrax
23. Commix- City Section- Mosaic Vol.1- Exit Records 

ADSR Radio #2- Music from friends

ADSR Radio episode 2 features two hours of digital selections from label manager, Sean Mallion.  Starting the show off with a collection of field recordings, and progressing into a number of unreleased gems from Mary Yalex, Patrick Zigon, Magamura and more.    

Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Leona Noche- JP0000_0341- field recording
2. Leona Noche- JP0000_0344- field recording
3. Leona Noche- JP0000_0345- field recording
3. Leona Noche- KOREA0_036101- field recording
4. Snowday- Ceremony- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
5. Snowday- Detour- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
6. Snowday- Evoke- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
7. Mary Yalex - Some kind of joy- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
8. Mary Yalex - Habour Lights- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
9. Mary Yalex - Here and nowhere else- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
10. MI DI - Dec 13 - Eve (single) - ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
11. Lumiere - So Real- So Real (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
12. MI DI- Eve - Eve (single) - ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
13. Lumiere - Last of Us- So Real (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
14. Emanuele Pertoldi - Echelon Echo- Natural Echos EP- Subself (2014)
15. datataste- gwerk.4_122- unreleased
16. EPS & J-Path- Tame Your Demons- unreleased
17. Patrick Zigon- Ich See- Due to Fog- Biotop (Forthcoming)
18. Patrick Zigon- Out Of Touch- Due to Fog- Biotop (Forthcoming)
19. Domtron- Sierra- Longwave (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
20. Andrew Van Hassel- Sidechain Fuck You up- unreleased
21. Ian Mcmillain- Iron 6.0- unreleased
22. HideoNakasako- 2gD2- unreleased
23. Magamura - Enolah- Supernaturals- Kebko Music (2017)
24. Magamura - Tundra- Supernaturals - Kebko Music (2017)
25. Magamura - Yeti- Supernaturals- Kebko Music (2017)

ADSR Radio #1- Premiere episode

The first episode of our new ADSR Radio show on UK based station, Resonance Extra.  Episode 001 features an hour of vinyl selections followed by an hour of digital selections as curated by ADSR label manager: Sean Mallion.    

Tracklist (Artist- Track- release- label)

1. Dj Shadow- Influx- Headz- Mo Wax Music
2. R.P.M.- Sort Des Ombres- Royalties Overdue- Mowax
3. 9 lazy 9- Train- Electric Lazyland- Ninjatune
4. Federation- Rusty James (Portisead remix)- Royalties Overdue- Mowax
5. 9 lazy 9- Life goes on and on- Electric Lazyland- Ninjatune
6. R.P.M.- Food of my De-Rhythm- Royalties Overdue- Mowax
7. A Forest Might Black - Fresh in My Hand Hacienda's Rainy Dub mix)- Mellowdramatic remixed- Compost records
8. Kid Koala- Fender Bender - Carpel Tunnel Syndrome- Ninjatune
9. Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin [Street Mix]- Headz2B- Mowax
10. Donut productions- Wirecutter- Headz2B- Mowax
11. Count basic - Gotta Jazz (Richard Dorfmeister remix)- K&D Sessions- !K7 records
12. Chrissy- I wanna be- Kool Revolution- Rhythm Respect Records
13. DJ Krush- Living in the future feat tha boss- Butterfly Effect-
14.  DJ Krush- Coruscation - Butterfly Effect-
15. DJ Shadow- Lost and found- Headz2B- Mowax
16. Lamb- Trans fatty acid (kruder and dorfmeister mix)- K&D Sessions- !K7 records
17. Massive Attack- Karmakoma (Napoli trip)- DJ Kicks: Daddy G - !K7 Records
18. Magamura- Bloody Footprints in the Air- Supernaturals- Kebko Music
19. Magamura- Youth - Supernaturals- Kebko Music
20. Magamura- S36- Supernaturals- Kebko Music
21. Rei Harakami- Grief and Loss-  Lust - Sublime Records
22. MI DI- December 13th - Eve (single)- ADSR Collective
23. MI DI- Eve- Eve (single)- ADSR Collective
24. Rei Harakami- Owari No Kisetsu-  Lust - Sublime Records
25. Boreal Network- Itasca Road Trip- Itasca Road trip- More than Human Records
26. Boreal Network- Kandiyohi - Itasca Road trip- More than Human Records
27. Mount Maxwell- Hotham Sound- Blue Highways Vol.1- self released
28. Mount Maxwell- The Fleet - Blue Highways Vol.1- self released
29. Flatland Sound Studio- Wave Arp- Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
30. Flatland Sound Studio- Sea Me- Ocean Radio Planet- King Deluxe
31. Tokiomi- Night time in Tofino - Night time in Tofino (single)- ADSR Collective