ADSR Radio #5- Rainy day downtempo

A mix of ambient, dubtechno and downtempo sounds on a rainy day in Vancouver for ADSR Radio 005.

ADSR Radio 005
Monday. May 15th. 2017

Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)
1. Segue- Westcoast Trail- Pacifica- Silent Season
2. Snowday- Her day ended slowly- Evoke- Hybridity
3. Sam KDC- Everything you touch-  ?
4. Mount Maxwell- Ocealism- Blue Highways Vol.1- Self released
5. Segue- Snow dub- Pacifica- Silent Season
6. Mary Yalex- Harbour Lights- Forthcoming ADSR Collective
7. Datataste- Timedance- unreleased
8. Lumiere- So Real- So Real (single) - ADSR Collective
9. MI DI- Dec 13th- Eve (single)- ADSR Collective
10. Mary Yalex- Some kind of joy- Forthcoming ADSR Collective
11. Mount Maxwell- The Fleet- Blue Highways Vol.1- Self released
12. Honbul- Divers(e)- unreleased
13. Tokiomi- Chill Morning- unreleased
14. Lower- 5unday- unreleased
15. Lower- n0n0- unreleased
16. Tokiomi- Mori- unreleased
17. Lower- With0utu5- unreleased
18. Honbul- Slug chick- unreleased
19. Tokiomi- Dark cave- unreleased
20. Hideo Nakasako- Amber- unreleased
21. Tokiomi- Secret lake- unreleased
22. Hideo Nakasako- Circle- unreleased
23. Andrew Van Hassel- Gourd Harper- unreleased
24. Domtron- Longwave- Longwave (single)- ADSR Collective
25. Tokiomi- Night time in Tofino- Night time in Tofino (single)- ADSR Collective

ADSR Radio #2- Music from friends

ADSR Radio episode 2 features two hours of digital selections from label manager, Sean Mallion.  Starting the show off with a collection of field recordings, and progressing into a number of unreleased gems from Mary Yalex, Patrick Zigon, Magamura and more.    

Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Leona Noche- JP0000_0341- field recording
2. Leona Noche- JP0000_0344- field recording
3. Leona Noche- JP0000_0345- field recording
3. Leona Noche- KOREA0_036101- field recording
4. Snowday- Ceremony- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
5. Snowday- Detour- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
6. Snowday- Evoke- Evoke EP- Hybridity Music (2015)
7. Mary Yalex - Some kind of joy- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
8. Mary Yalex - Habour Lights- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
9. Mary Yalex - Here and nowhere else- ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
10. MI DI - Dec 13 - Eve (single) - ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
11. Lumiere - So Real- So Real (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
12. MI DI- Eve - Eve (single) - ADSR Collective (Forthcoming)
13. Lumiere - Last of Us- So Real (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
14. Emanuele Pertoldi - Echelon Echo- Natural Echos EP- Subself (2014)
15. datataste- gwerk.4_122- unreleased
16. EPS & J-Path- Tame Your Demons- unreleased
17. Patrick Zigon- Ich See- Due to Fog- Biotop (Forthcoming)
18. Patrick Zigon- Out Of Touch- Due to Fog- Biotop (Forthcoming)
19. Domtron- Sierra- Longwave (single)- ADSR Collective (2016)
20. Andrew Van Hassel- Sidechain Fuck You up- unreleased
21. Ian Mcmillain- Iron 6.0- unreleased
22. HideoNakasako- 2gD2- unreleased
23. Magamura - Enolah- Supernaturals- Kebko Music (2017)
24. Magamura - Tundra- Supernaturals - Kebko Music (2017)
25. Magamura - Yeti- Supernaturals- Kebko Music (2017)