ADSR Radio #30- Ambient to techno

Reaching the big 3-0 is a bit of a milestone for us, and to celebrate we've got another stacked 2 hours of left leaning electronica for your ears drums. As always @heuristics puts forth the most unique 2 hours he can muster, from friends unreleased material, to forthcoming tracks on our label, rest assured you won't hear these sounds anywhere else!


ADSR Radio 30 - Mon. Nov 27. 2017

Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Lucid Grain- Mommy, Look! - Rise & Fall- Modularfield
2. Lucid Grain- Brian Eno - Rise & Fall- Modularfield
3. Lucid Grain- Threefold short - Rise & Fall- Modularfield
4. Tokiomi- Side B- “Secret Stash” - ADSR Collective
5. Mary Yalex- Hope is in you - unreleased
6. Mary Yalex- Harbour lights - Forthcoming ADSR Collective
7. Mary Yalex- Some kind of Joy - Forthcoming ADSR Collective
8. Mary Yalex- Somewhere along the Highway - unreleased
9. Konstantin - For the mind - Beatsolow
10. Konstantin - Heart beats - Beatsolow
11. Christian S & Bryan Kessler - Nebel Dance - Gasoline- Comeme
12. Marvin Horsch - DEEN - DEEN - Dorfjungs
13. Motip White - Waggons 2 - Forthcoming Dorfjungs
14. Motip White - Alfred on a Mission (Marv edit) - Forthcoming Dorfjungs
15. December Beaches - November 97’ -ADSR Collective
16. Motip White- Kantera Cruise (marv edit)- Forthcoming Dorfjungs
17. Aroma Pitch - Moments in Limbo - Present from a small distant world- Aroma Pitch recordings
18. Tom Trago - Hidden heart of Gold - Voyage Direct

ADSR Radio #26- Rainy day techno vibes

As the autumn months roll into Vancouver, the west coast turns a moody shade of grey with the days getting shorter and the rain clouds moving in for the next few months. What better time to dig into some minimal / left field techno records?


Tracklist coming soon...