ADSR Radio #20- The Mutek Festival Special

This week on ADSR Radio we are broadcasting live from Montreal, Canada for the Mutek Festival special! Focusing on the multitude of electronic acts from the festival's closing night, enjoy a full electronic palette of Canadian and international sounds. Check out our event recap.

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Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Murcof - Marmol - Martes + Utopia - The Leaf Label
2. Murcof - Memoria - Martes + Utopia - The Leaf Label
3. Kara-Lis Cloverdale - A 479- A 480- Constellation Tatsu
4. You’re Me - Applet W - Plant Cell Division - 1080p
5. You’re Me - ilu - Plant Cell Division - 1080p
6. You’re Me - Oot Re Mi - Plant Cell Division - 1080p
7. ESB- Whisper Theme - Origins - Heart to Heart
8. ESB- Spaneur - Origins - Heart to Heart
9. Nicola Cruz- Espiritu de Proteccion - Espiritu - Multi Culti
10. Africaine 808- The Awakening - Basar - Golf Channel Recordings
11. Anchorsong- Mother - Mother - Tru Thoughts
12. Anchorsong- Slider - Mother - Tru Thoughts
13. Build Dub Green- Down to West (Kuniyuki remix) - Botanic - Hatos Records
14. Tokiomi- Secret stash (side A) - Secret Stash - ADSR Collective

ADSR Radio #18- Sounds from the ADSR Blog (part 1)

This week on ADSR Radio, we bring you a live eclectic mix from the wide diversity of artists who have been featured on our very own blog.  From Detroit's Illa J to Tokyo experimental producer—Akiko Kiyama, enjoy a variety of flavours over 2 hours.

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1. Illa J- Cannonball (prod. by Nick Wisdom & Noo-Bap)- Illa J- Bastard Jazz Recordings
2. Illa J - Never Left (prod. by Potatoehead people)- Illa J- Bastard Jazz Recordings
3. Illa J (produced by Calvin Valentine) - Home
4. Tokiomi- Secret Stash (side B) - ADSR Collective
5. Ding - Elude- unreleased
6. Ding - Bolt- Lowerlands EP- Tesseract Recordings
7. Blisco - Defrost (Ding remix)- unreleased
8. Emanuele Pertoldi - Echelon Echo- Natural Echoes EP- Subself
9. Emanuele Pertoldi - Spring Attitude- Frost EP- Summer Night
10. Repeat pattern x fitz ambro$e - b5- chopp II- brrwd
11. Repeat Pattern - dreams of iceberg- Counting backwards- Moph records
12. Repeat pattern x ta-ku - no one else’s- brrwd love volume 1- Jakarta records
13. Eli muro- Water Lily- unreleased
14. Mutt & Calculon Ft. Kevin King- Easy On The Motion- Rubik Recordings
15. Mutt - GED 2009- unreleased
16. Akiko Kiyama- synth sketch- unreleased
17. Akiko Kiyama- Exhale- Ophelia- Kebko music
18. Mary Yalex - Habour Lights- Forthcoming ADSR Collective
19. Mary Yalex- Solar Panel- Forthcoming ADSR Collective
20. Mary Yalex- Some kind of joy- Forthcoming ADSR Collective
21. Mary Yalex - Star gazing- unreleased
22. Mary Yalex - Somewhere along the Highway- unreleased
23. Datataste - Granstorm (Side B)- New Body Alliance