ADSR Radio #30- Ambient to techno

Reaching the big 3-0 is a bit of a milestone for us, and to celebrate we've got another stacked 2 hours of left leaning electronica for your ears drums. As always @heuristics puts forth the most unique 2 hours he can muster, from friends unreleased material, to forthcoming tracks on our label, rest assured you won't hear these sounds anywhere else!


ADSR Radio 30 - Mon. Nov 27. 2017

Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Lucid Grain- Mommy, Look! - Rise & Fall- Modularfield
2. Lucid Grain- Brian Eno - Rise & Fall- Modularfield
3. Lucid Grain- Threefold short - Rise & Fall- Modularfield
4. Tokiomi- Side B- “Secret Stash” - ADSR Collective
5. Mary Yalex- Hope is in you - unreleased
6. Mary Yalex- Harbour lights - Forthcoming ADSR Collective
7. Mary Yalex- Some kind of Joy - Forthcoming ADSR Collective
8. Mary Yalex- Somewhere along the Highway - unreleased
9. Konstantin - For the mind - Beatsolow
10. Konstantin - Heart beats - Beatsolow
11. Christian S & Bryan Kessler - Nebel Dance - Gasoline- Comeme
12. Marvin Horsch - DEEN - DEEN - Dorfjungs
13. Motip White - Waggons 2 - Forthcoming Dorfjungs
14. Motip White - Alfred on a Mission (Marv edit) - Forthcoming Dorfjungs
15. December Beaches - November 97’ -ADSR Collective
16. Motip White- Kantera Cruise (marv edit)- Forthcoming Dorfjungs
17. Aroma Pitch - Moments in Limbo - Present from a small distant world- Aroma Pitch recordings
18. Tom Trago - Hidden heart of Gold - Voyage Direct

ADSR Radio #29- Indie labels, new music

After a couple weeks off, @heuristics is back in the hot seat bringing you the tastiest treats for ur ears and ur feets. Lots of new tunes from quality indie labels such as: Modularfield, Jeju Digital, C3 Lab, and Music Is My Sanctuary.


Tracklist (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Desmond Denker- Making Blue- And the Vague Theories- Modularfield
2. Desmond Denker- Strawman - And the Vague Theories- Modularfield
3. Desmond Denker- Night and Fog Action - And the Vague Theories- Modularfield
4. Desmond Denker- Cock in the Basket (BonnBetterKnow Dub) - And the Vague Theories-Modularfield
5. Clear State- Type 209- Walled City- Jeju Digital
6. Clear State- Engrams - Walled City- Jeju Digital
7. Clear State- Technolgical Singularity - Walled City- Jeju Digital
8. Clear State- Saturates - Walled City- Jeju Digital
9. Clear State- Simulated Bliss - Walled City- Jeju Digital
10. Clear State- Restimulation - Walled City- Jeju Digital
11. Wiklow- Live from Cascadian Connections
12. ScabBeatz- Still Life - Forte- C3 Lab
13. ScabBeatz- Dojo - Forte- C3 Lab
14. ScabBeatz- Lost - Forte- C3 Lab
15. ScabBeatz- Stairs - Forte- C3 Lab
16. ScabBeatz- Gray - Forte- C3 Lab
17. Aqui dela - L.29 - Forte- C3 Lab
18. Aqui dela - Sleep walk - Forte- C3 Lab
19. Aqui dela - Tree - Forte- C3 Lab
20. Aqui dela - Matin - Forte- C3 Lab
21. Shungu - Track 739- 10 Anniversary Compilation- MIMS (Music is my Sanctuary)
22. Poirier - There’s a path, she says - 10 Anniversary Compilation- MIMS
23. Liquid Pegasus - Slow Attack (feat. Zackey Force Funk) - 10 Anniversary Compilation-MIMS
24. Moonstarr - Hot Shuff - 10 Anniversary Compilation- MIMS
25. Sam IRL - Search History - 10 Anniversary Compilation- MIMS
26. Deadboy - Seance - 10 Anniversary Compilation- MIMS
27. Dr. Mad - Groove on (feat. Anomalie) - 10 Anniversary Compilation- MIMS 

ADSR Radio #27- Special guest Rui Constantino

This week on ADSR Radio we are joined by a special guest from Tulum, Mexico! @ruiconstantino of the @proper-collective joins us in the studio for a chat about his collective, his sound, and their events in Tulum, Mexico. The first hour features some music sharing and chatting, while the second hour Rui jumps into the mix with a great, deep DJ set.

ADSR Radio #25- Thanksgiving with Motip White

This week on ADSR Radio we are joined by @dorfjungs founder and Cologne DJ / producer- @motipwhite. Flying under the radar whilst releasing a series of left field techno gems, Mr. Motip has brought a collection of tunes from his city, his label and his upcoming EP. So grab another slice of pumpkin pie and put your feet up for 2 hours of eclectic selections from the German underground favourite.


Tracklist coming soon...