ADSR Radio #4 - Minimal dnb

This week ADSR radio host Sean aka Heuristics explores the deeper side of drum & bass music, with two hours of left field and minimal selections.  

ADSR Radio #004 (Artist- track - release- label)

1. Mary Yalex- Sunday Evening- Forthcoming ADSR Collective  
2. Mary Yalex- Hope is in you- Forthcoming ADSR Collective
3. DAAT- Elevator- HVAC- Detuned Trasmissions  
4. Blisco- Defrost (Ding remix)- Unreleased
5. Metro- Other Side- Vector Files EP- Ortem Music
6. DAAT- Sub- HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
7. Metro- Atom Smasher- Vector Files EP- Detuned Transmissions
8. ASC- Plasma- Colours Fade Vol.1- Auxiliary Music
9. DAAT- Fridge- HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
10. ASC- Trope- Colours Fade Vol.2- Auxiliary Music
11. Bop- Impermanence- Blood Pressure- Med School
12. Sam KDC- Chains- Duality EP- CX Digital
13. Scuba- Tense (Ramadanman remix)- Buried Treasure Vol.2- Hotshore recordings
14. Synth Sense- Metal Work- Intelligent Systems EP Vol.3- Deep Soul Music
15. Synkro- Dwelling- Blood Pressure- Med School
16. Silent Dust-1959- Silent Dust- None60
17. Sam KDC- Marine Light- Marine Light EP- Auxiliary
18. FIS- Two Swords- Auxcast Vol.1- Auxiliary
19. DAAT- All of them- HVAC- Detuned Transmissions
20. Edware Oberson- Noir- Quality over Quantity Vol.3- 31 Records
21. D Bridge- The Little Things- The little things / Cornered- Metalheadz
22. Astrophone- Cutworks- Astrophone / Quark Factory- SoundTrax
23. Commix- City Section- Mosaic Vol.1- Exit Records