ADSR Mix 007: Pulsek

Aug. 15. 2014

ADSR Mix 007 by Pulsek based in Mexico.

This week we catch up with Mexican techno and tech house DJ/producer: Pulsek.  Anyone who spends their time either brewing quality craft beer or quality craft beats is good in our books.  With releases on Simetriks records, numerous side projects on the go, and innovative live sets.. we’re keen to see what Pulsek has brewing for 2014.

Hello Pulsek, please introduce yourself and tell us where are you from? 
Hi my name is Fernando Farias, I’m 27 years old and am from Pátzcuaro Michoacán.  It’s a peaceful town where I live, really beautiful, and is surrounded by lakes and forests.  The weather here is pretty similar to Vancouver, a lot of rain and cold weather, except for the summer when it gets a bit hot.  I’m a part time musician and a part time Brewer.  My family has a restaurant so I work there sometimes too.  Usually just so I can get some extra money for my passions which are music and beer.

Where does the name “Pulsek” come from? 
The name actually doesn’t mean anything special, I was just looking for a word related to music.  I believe everything has a pulse: the heart, the sea, the earth.  And in some way all of these things have a rhythm.  So I just took that word and made a slight variation on it by adding the “k” to make it more personal, nothing interesting really.  

Do you play any instruments or have you been in any bands? Or did you get started right with electronic music? 
I’ve always been fascinated with music, ever since I was a kid.  I’ve spent many hours in front of the stereo or trying to get original cd’s of my favourite bands.  In 2004, I started DJing, and two years later I decided to move to Mexico city and pursue my passion.  I enrolled in the G. Martell College of Music and Audio, which is one of the most popular music schools in Mexico.  I took some piano lessons, drum lessons… but I was no virtuoso and I really just learnt some basic stuff.   I would definitely like to take some piano lessons again, or maybe guitar.  I would love to incorporate some instrumentation into my live sets.  

How has this summer been for you so far? Playing many shows? 
It’s been pretty quiet as there aren’t really any clubs or venues in my area.   I have to travel an hour to get to the capital city of my state.  Plus the music I’m into right now isn’t too popular here…which is kind of disappointing.  There are just a few good parties every once in a while, but we always find a way to have fun.  We do some small house parties, you know, just with close friends.  Someone brings some speakers and we just spend all night mixing and having fun.  Although I do play gigs at festivals sometimes… my next big party is at the end of August.  

Talk us through some of your recent releases on Simetriks Records… Do you produce mostly techno and tech house? How did you first get connected with the label? 
Well Simetriks records is one of the oldest party organizers, now record label, in my state.  I originally got connected with them through friends at a party, we all met more than 8 years ago.  They mostly focus on Psychedelic trance, Progressive trance and not too much on the deep house, industrial techno or stuff that I’m into now.  At the moment they are on standby, but we are planning some new releases covering a wider variety of musical genres.  
I mostly produce techno and tech house, but also I’m working on some weird projects as well. I’m experimenting with some more Trip Hop and experimental sounds.  I’ve been fascinated by artists like Flying Lotus, Lapalux, etc etc.  I just sit in my studio and create based on what I’m feeling or listening to right now, it really all depends on my mood.  

Do you have many collaborations going on at the moment?  Or do you prefer working alone in the studio? 
I have a few collaborations with some closer friends, one of them is my cousin.  We have a music project called “My Junky Cousin” we do mostly tech house.  Also i have a Psytrance Project called “The Soul Traveler”.  This project is focused on old school sounds, classic psytrance synths, and some goa sounds all at 145 BPM.  The “Psytrance” that most people play here has a “progressive” kind of sound, all at 135 BPM.  It’s not really my cup of tea, so I’m trying to to create and push my own sound.   

Where does your inspiration come from when writing music? 
My inspiration comes from many places.  Often the music that I’m currently listening to will influence and inspire me.  Lately, I’ve been really digging these podcasts from this guy Raiz from CLR.  I’m also into some more left field stuff.  I’m really into an artist called Antigravity.  He is a Mexican musician and his style is very unique.  It’s kinda difficult to describe, but definitely awesome.  So every time I hear a nice track or a different sound that inspire me, I think… “I must go to the studio and get that sound” All my music is a reflection of my favourite artists and the music that are inspires, along with my personal touch. 

How do you balance your passions for good music and good beer ? 
I can’t, haha some days I don’t even have time for the studio.  In the past month I haven’t opened or finished a track.  Other times, if I’m spending a lot of time in the studio, I’ll end up selling out of beer at a festival because I didn’t brew enough.  I wish there was more time in a day because it can be tough to find time for everything.

What is coming up in 2014 for you? 
I have some upcoming releases in December or maybe earlier.  In my personal life,  I’m not sure, I wanna travel Europe or maybe come back to Canada… I really miss Vancity. 

Where can people find your music? 
You can find me on Soundcloud, Beatport, and Twitter

ADSR mix

1. Monic - Blink (Original Mix) 
2. Monoloc - Try (Monoloc Edit) 
3. Marco Fender - Bantu (Original Mix) 
4. Kaiserdisco - Oregon (Original Mix) 
5. Rikha, Antonio Valente - Rikhant (Original Mix) 
6. Harvey McKay - Something Good (Original Mix) 
7. Paul Ritch - Inside Me (Original Mix) 
8. Sian - Chicken Donut (Original Mix) 
9. Green Velvet, The Japanese Popstars - Matter Of Time (Coyu Remix) 
10. Enrico Sangiuliano - Capernoited (Jewel Kid Rework) 
11. Coyu - In My Mind (Original Mix) 
12. Gary Beck - Blotch (Original Mix) 
13. Josh Wink - Are You There (Ben Klock Remix) 
14. Psyk - Arcade 15.- John Wink - Starbust (Original Mix) 
16. Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Marcel Dettmann Remix)