Mary Yalex- Some Kind of Joy

Tokiomi Secret Stash ADSR limited cassette release

Release Description

Mary Yalex - 'Some Kind of Joy' marks the German producer's first appearance on the ADSR label and the first vinyl release from the eclectic west coast collective. Having been featured on the blog three years ago, Mary's deeply personal sound now finds a more permanent home within the label's discography. 

Mary's is a sound that draws influence from her upbringing near the Thuringian forest in Erfurt to her current home-base in the historically industrial Leipzig. Organic elements dance within a mechanical framework making for music that celebrates both the melodic and the melancholy. 

'Some Kind of Joy' is available on hand-stamped, white label vinyl and will be stocked in select music shops in Vancouver, Tokyo and Berlin.

Release info. 

Release date: Aug. 2. 2018
Genre: Techno
Production: Mary Yalex
Mastering: Manmade mastering
Pressed by: RAND Muzik
Publisher: ADSR Collective
Catalogue number: ADSR009


Purchase: Bandcamp
Format: Vinyl // Digital