ADSR Collective Label Artist Mary Yalex from Leipzig, Germany.

Bio //

Mary was born in Erfurt, Germany and moved to the eclectic urban centre of Leipzig in 2008 and has been living there ever since. Born into a family of hippies, musicians and music lovers, it only seemed natural for Mary to also be a classical pianist or blues player like so many of her relatives before her. Years of piano lessons and classical training ultimately led Mary down her own musical path, seeking less constrained aesthetics and unbound creativity. It wasn’t until a friend showed her how to build beats using basic samplers and drum machines that her spark for electronic music creation was lit. During this time Mary was heavily influenced by downtempo, techno and ambient sounds, all of which can be heard in her productions today.

Mary has released 2 albums and multiple EPs on her own imprint ‘Yalex Recordings’ as well as Berlin’s ‘Nous Discques’ and ‘Kann Records’.