Shreshth (LumiÈre)

ADSR Collective Label Artist Shreshth Singh, aka Lumiere, from India and based in Vancouver BC, Canada.

Bio //

Currently based in Vancouver, by way of India, young up-and-comer Shreshth Singh, aka Lumiere, has been steadily honing his craft over the past 5 years.  Now finishing up his diploma in professional recording arts, Shreshth is quickly becoming a versatile studio technician.  Whether working with vocalists, bands, or more electronic based projects, Lumiere’s understanding of recording, mixing and mastering forms the strong foundation for which his own productions rest upon.  Never one to be “pigeonholed,” Lumiere has experience producing house, techno, downtempo and even some drum and bass.  Stay tuned for more excellent releases from Shreshth in the near future.

Releases // ADSR002