ADSR Collective Label Artist Jun-Hwi Park, aka Lower, from South Korea.

Bio //

Smooth samples, crunchy drums, and a rolling head nodding vibe to just about everything he touches, Jun-Hwi Park, aka Lower, crafts laid back instrumental hip hop and downtempo to chill to.  It could be his skills with classic drum samplers in the studio, or maybe the countless hours he’s spent digging up just the right samples and breaks, whatever it is Lowers tracks are the kinda stuff hip-hop heads, MC’s and beat junkies dig for.  Equally at home in the studio or performing live sets of his influences and productions, Lower’s versatility ensures his tracks bump right in headphones or on the live stage.  Based in his home city of Seoul, South Korea,  Lower is quickly becoming a name to keep tabs on in the Korean beat scene.

Releases // ADSR001