Christopher Willits crafts music for experiences with 'Coast'

Fixture of the SF ambient/experimental scene and Ghostly International mainstay Christopher Willits is back with a forthcoming album titled ‘Sunset,’ an apt name for an album that he has given very specific instructions for listening: "Begin the music 15 minutes before the sun sets." The album releases on the 14th June 2019, but Ghostly has given us a peek inside by releasing a track from the album, ‘Coast.’

Willits’ music has always had a visual aspect to it, but only in the last few years has that become more explicit, such as with his 2014 album ‘Opening’, released explicitly as a visual album. And now, almost as a modal extension, Willits moves from the visual realm to the experiential. The album tracks with the setting sun, moving from warm to cool, and offering a sort of closure to the day. The track ‘Coast’, the 2nd on the album, indeed starts warm and lush, rolling and evolving with layers upon layers of washed out guitar, and ends with just the hint of airy rhythm that surely signals the encroaching darkness to come. We’ve got a few sunsets to go before June 14, but you would do yourself well to accompany those after with this album.

Stream ‘Coast’ above, and head over to the Ghostly International website to pre-order the full album.

— review by autonomy

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