Lake Turner gives lessons in patience on "Prime Mover"

“Prime Mover,” the eponymously titled single from Lake Turner’s brand new EP, is first and foremost a lesson in patience and composition. Eschewing widespread techno tropes like big bass drops and heavily saturated hi hats, the track builds deceptively, with melodic elements that enter the soundscape around a relatively straightforward rhythmic structure. This slow build makes for a surprisingly emotional release, giving the listener just enough air to prepare for a driving climax that confirms, without question, that this is more than just functional 4/4 beat music.

Have a listen for yourself, and enjoy the chromatic abstractions that visually accompanies the track. If you like it, Algebra Records has released a limited edition transparent vinyl edition that’ll look great on the shelf and sound better on the platter. Click the photos to grab a copy from Lake Turner’s Bandcamp.

— review by autonomy

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