Thick vintage flavour with Madwreck's The Raw Exotic

There’s just something about the sound of 90s ‘golden era’ Hip Hop that has stuck with many of us to this day. Perhaps it was the old-skool studio gear or the fresh creative foundation of vinyl digging and sampling, or it might have been the convergence of various musical styles and genres all wrapped in a uniquely urban flavour. Whatever it was there’s no doubt that era left an indelible mark on the world of modern music and continues to inform alot of great releases to this day.

Case in point, North Carolina veteran producer Madwreck gets back to his roots with his new release ‘The Raw Exotic’ harnessing that old skool flavour alongside his own unique dark and dusty signature sound. But to say the 17 track album was simply a love letter to that particular time in Hip-Hop might be a bit of an oversimplification; the multifaceted release draws on a variety of influences from funk and soul to rock and world music. Despite the vast range of sounds and influences found throughout the release it never feels too wide or fragmented, instead coming forth as a wholly cohesive collection of tracks painted with a thick glaze of vintage flavour.

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Bixi, Breathing Room and a Boatload of Bongos

Swiss producer ‘Bixi’ dips his toes into some uncharted waters with his new 5 track release: the ‘Aquarius EP’. A free spirited and eclectic tropical river cruise, full of lush synths, woody percussion and a hot, humid sound. It might seem strange to find such a sound coming from Switzerland being released on a Canadian imprint, both countries certainly not known for their beaches and piña coladas. But newly minted Canadian label ‘Breathing Room records’ seems to be just the right fit for the release, with it’s fresh discography already showing promise in the early stages.

The release plays like a steam-powered riverboat, steadily chugging through the dense jungle. With each bend of the river a new scene of lush greenery unfolds before the listener. The EP opens with the 6 minute, deep house tinged journey entitled ‘Aquarius’. It’s a great track to acclimatize the listener to the steamy sounds to come. While the B side takes a more funk heavy approach, with an infectious bassline leading the way through the tribal flutes and cascading hand drums of ‘Cosmic Water.’ Next is the explorative and earthy sounds of the track ‘Ryu Santos.’ The mysterious soundscape of animal calls, shakers and a finely plucked kalimba make for an unforgettable rainforest excursion.

Overall, a very fine addition to the Breathing Room Records discography from the imaginative swiss producer. A must have in the DJ crate of any percussion pundit or just about anyone who wants to take a quick journey downstream through the lush and layered bongo biosphere.

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New Music: Aalko "No Man is an Island EP"


The No Man Is An Island EP is a single cut from the debut album of the same name by Aalko, a new project by Kebko Music founder Akiko Kiyama.  Aalko is a culmination of Kiyama’s recent practices in a wider musical spectrum that go beyond the confines of her minimalistic techno characteristics. Taking a floor-oriented side out of the No Man Is An Island cassette album, this single cut features three tracks that work wonders in a DJ context.  These tracks give nod to Kiyama’s peculiar self full of sonic idiosyncrasies, showing no fear of breaking accepted conventions.
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ADSR Radio now on Resonance Extra

Streaming live every Monday from 4-6 PM (PST) on UK station Resonance Extra, ADSR Label manager Sean Mallion aka Heuristics plays eclectic selections from his record collection and unreleased gems from ADSR label artists and friends.  Have a listen to a recent episode below and for full tracklists check out the new Radio section of the website.

Magamura "Supernaturals" sees vinyl release

Following their surprising debut on cassette tape last February, Magamura is now putting out the vinyl version of "Supernaturals". Comprised of Eril Fjord and Laurine Frost, the Hungarian duo have carved out their reputation through live performances at renowned festivals and venues like Arma in Moscow, combining Eril's indie aesthetic with the electronic music prowess of Laurine, the combination is much more than the sum of its parts. 

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