Smooth jazzy beats from Bristol's Natty Reeves

Music can be so many things for different people. A way to escape, heal, refresh, reflect and even forget. British producer/songwriter- Natty Reeves deals with many of these themes throughout his discography, in a no-nonsense approach that focuses on quality and authenticity above all else.

A talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Reeves often relies on his quiver of guitars and live vocal takes to form much of the foundation for his tracks.

However his recent release ‘Bill’s Launderette’ moves in a slightly different direction, forgoing the vocals for a smooth, soulful collaboration alongside beat producer and keyboardist- Marnix.
The track is 2 and a half minutes of chilled out guitar, floating keys and a rolling, head-nodding beat. The two musicians take touches of soul, hip-hop and jazz and set it on the spin cycle for a memorable collaboration.

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London based hip-hop producer Big-O drops new album 'Instability'

We’re all looking for our own little slice of peace in this world aren’t we? American-born, London- based, hip-hop producer- Orlando Turner certainly thinks so. The first single ‘My place in this world’ from his recently dropped full length album ‘Instability’ explores his own definition of peace and the album as a whole touches on the larger concepts of belonging, uncertainty, and sense of purpose.

Turner has been making beats since the age of 13, and in a way the album explores his own personal journey having moved from Alabama to Florida and Miami to LA, before finally finding his niche in London.

The album features 16 tracks spanning a variety of sounds and production techniques. From the sample-heavy beats of ‘Imperfect Voyage’ to the built from scratch style of ‘Cryin’ Clouds’ the album covers everything from soulful hip-hop to jazzy beats and electronica to break heavy funk.

It’s a journey definitely worth documenting, and reminds us that despite life’s ups and downs and moments of instability, finding that sense of peace through music makes it all right in the end.

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Serenity now with London's Sleepless

The classic downtempo, acid jazz sound is alive and thriving throughout Sleepless's 4th album, Serene.

While there isn't much info to be found on the man behind the beats, the music speaks for itself. It harks back to a simple time of bass heavy, laid back bobbers, with crisp snare snaps and the odd jazzy instrumental. I've been missing music like this. Sleepless recalls genre pioneers like DJ Cam, Dilla, Amon Tobin and more.

Serene, which dropped late last week is Sleepless's fourth album in five years. Each of his releases provide the lo-fi vibes which drew many of us into acid jazz and instrumental hip hop from the beginning. Serene, as an album is a pleasure. It's filled with smokey, back room sizzlers to help us fade into the night and early morning risers to bring us back. In our hard pounding, technological, unrelenting world, a little serenity is necessary to keep sane amidst the daily madness.

Stand outs from the 16 track album include 'Process' which features guitar work from Rax Beheshti, 'Don't Forget' which features smooth muted horns and the dreamy 'Where You At?'.

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New Soulful Hip-Hop from Big-O and P-Rawb

The American producer / MC duo of Orlando Turner, aka 'Big O', and Patrick Roberts, aka 'P-Rawb' come correct with their new single 'Good Company.' 

Forgoing the usual trappings of cash, women and expensive cars for a more soulful take on the genre, the two describe the new track as "a song about finding peace within yourself and surrounding yourself with the company of good people to help you move forward in life."

With P-Rawb lacing the A side with a skillful, feel-good flow, the collab comes together like a backyard BBQ on a chill summer day. The B side instrumental version of the track enters with profound strings and keys setting up for something special. With a rolling, percussion-rich beat, the track contains just the right amount of weight and finesse. With mixing and mastering coming from Portland based audio engineer, Kevin Carafa, not only is the beat infectious but the whole track sounds crisp, clear and well balanced. 

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New ambient album from Manchester producer- Twin Complex

Oliver Hardingham aka Twin Complex is an electronic producer, composer and filmmaker based in Manchester, UK. Although writing and performing in mostly hardcore bands throughout his teens, Oliver always kept small electronic side projects on the go. But it wasn't until early 2017, when his electronic productions started to become more the focus of his creative output, that he began to develop his own unique style and sound. 

As Hardingam shaped and sculpted his early ideas, over time more and more refined forms and structures emerged. Ideas turned to concepts, and concepts to arranged tracks, until gradually he was compiling a number of completed pieces. 

Released just over a week ago, Twin Complex 'Permanence' represents not only the coalescence of these various creative narratives into a debut album, but also a turning of the page in the young producers aesthetic progression. The album is 6 tracks of brooding ambient soundscapes, entrancing arpeggiation, and just the right about of percussive framework. 

'Remnants' is a swelling ambient piece from the album, exhibiting a tasteful mix of minimalism and tonal hypnotism. Cascading synths enter quietly only to bloom into full blown firework-like analog expressions. 

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Listen to this hour of hazy house gems mixed by MI DI

Our dude MI DI just dropped a funky, fresh mix for Manchester based mix series- Maze FM.  Lock into an hour of laid back house sounds to float through the week ☁️


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ADSR Collective

John roberts - mirror
Snacks - Deep FRy (Fouk Remix)
Felix Leifur - Midwinter
DJ Aakmael - bloo again
Laurence Guy - Bamboo
Felix leifur - eyelids
Guri, Tatsu - French acid trip
Huerta Blvd (original mix)
Jus Nowhere - Transformation
Demuja - Taste
Vexus T -Saviour
James booth - The birds

ADSR Mix 024- Maze DJs

Stepping in for ADSR mix 024 are a couple of talented lads by way of Galway, Ireland- The Maze DJs. Starting a weekly club night in their west coast town, Gerard and Ervin have since gone on to book and play alongside some of the biggest names in the house / techno world. Now located in Manchester, the two serve as the UK correspondents to Four Four Magazine and continue to turn out dancefloors across the country.

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Music from the ADSR Blog- Radio Special

Halfway through our month long takeover of London based radio station- Resonance FM, we bring you part one of a special ADSR blog showcase series.  Unpacking the deep crates of exceptional tunes from artists interviewed on the blog over the years.  Enjoy 2 hours of downtempo, lofi beats, dubtechno, and experimental electronica from a hand picked selection of innovative artists from around the world.

Visit the Radio section of the website for full downloads and tracklists.