Idm infused techno from Toronto's Fermi Lekunde

Fermi Lekunde offers warm techno atmospheres in his first release “Comess”, a two-track EP of textured rhythmic beats, glitches, and hyper melodies. Combining ambient textures and cinematic pads with IDM influences at a speed of 130bpm, he is able to create dance-pounding experiences tuned to headphone listeners as well as the dancefloor. 

The EP opens with ‘Fist 20’ which features a blizzard of noises, textures and finely crafted points of percussion. The track feels quirky and jittery but never veers too far off track as the solid arrangement keeps things chugging ahead. Things get a bit more moody with the B side as Lekunde shifts to a more melancholic part of his psyche. Still characterized by rich percussion and sound design ‘Usery’ also brings with it euphoric pads and nested notes of melodic madness.

Fermi Lekunde is a musical project of Toronto-based artist Marlin Tusha. Classically trained in piano, he began to experiment with electronic sounds early on, including FM synthesis, deconstructed analogue beats, and space FX. Being inspired by the emerging techno scene in Toronto, with venues like 500 Keele and an array of artists like Jeremy Greenspan, Ciel, and Daphni, Fermi Lekunde embarks on a new challenge of establishing his own sound for dance floors across the City.

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Infectious and Honest Art-Pop from Toronto's 'Language Arts'

Have you ever felt like you were running against the wind? In a relationship, work or just life in general? No matter how much energy you put into something, things just wouldn’t progress?

Well this is the premise behind the first single from Toronto Art-pop duo ‘Language Arts’ upcoming album ‘Lemon/Lime’. Kristen Cudmore, the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band, calls it "one of those, why try, songs? When I was with him, I was exhausted. I was running against the wind". 

The track exudes a rare kind of honesty set against a backdrop of catchy songwriting and slick production. Looking a bit deeper into the track credits, it’s clear that the song is not only a gem of cancon but also very much a Toronto affair. In addition to Cudmore’s infectious lyrics and Neil MacIntosh’s snappy drumming, the track also features platinum selling producer Joel Souffer and the final polish from mastering engineer Noah Mintz.

The result? An unforgettable, sincere and dynamic art-pop experience.

Check out the animated video above from artists - Sungha Chang and Britton Proulx or grab yourself a copy of the single over on the Language Arts Bandcamp

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NOMVDSLVND finds his place with 'Belong'

NOMVDSLVND (pronounced ‘nomads land’) may live in Toronto, but as many of us in large cities can attest to, having a home and knowing your place are two very different things. Despite a background in dance, NOMVDSLVND crafts music that, instead of compelling an energetic dancefloor, interrogates the uncertainty that comes with trying to find one’s community. Perhaps his transition from dance to music was the creative spark for this idea. Many of the tracks on Part 1 of the 2-part release ‘More Harm Than Good’ slip in and out of musical ideas at ease, like a wallflower timidly testing the waters of a gathering. NOMVDSLVND creates lush backdrops for these ideas, mixing field recordings, found sounds, and broken beats that make each track an entirely new space.

On ‘Belong’, which you can hear above, he uses Rhodes-like chords to invoke a melancholy mood, a sense of feeling unsettled, of knowing what you want but not knowing how to get there. Broken beats skitter underneath, dropping in and out of the track, underpinning that anxious feeling. Punctuating this idea, he uses heavily processed vocal snippets throughout that further capture the distance we can sometimes feel between where we are and where we want to be. It’s an intoxicating concoction.

‘More Harm Than Good Part 1: Here For Now’ is out March 8th on Toronto label- ‘Bedroomer’ and can be preordered now. If you liked ‘Belong’, check out lots more over on Bedroomer’s Soundcloud.

— review by autonomy

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From Toronto to the Far North with Alaskan Tapes

What do the expanses of Alaska and Toronto ambient producer Brady Kendall have in common? Well aside from the obvious namesake (Alaskan Tapes) there is certain feeling of calmness one gets surrounded by nature out in the great wilderness. This same tranquility can be found in Kendall’s ambient pieces, often incorporating field recordings, piano, and elements of peacefulness.

Kendall describes the opening track from his most recent release.
”Untitled #1 is apart of my new 4 Track EP entitled "The Ocean No Longer Wants Us", it's a long drone track, that incorporates subtle melody through piano, and other instruments run through Granular synths.” 

Untitled #1 strikes a delicate balance between melody, texture and depth. Soft and gradual ambiance rises and falls, accented by floaty touches of piano, contrasting coarseness of field recordings, and a final touch of nostalgia.

Support ‘The Ocean No Longer Wants Us’ on Bandcamp

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Experimental electronica from Toronto's Fried Dough

Fried Dough is an electronic psych band that blends dark trip hop grooves and spacey ambient textures with elements of experimental music and IDM. While working on commercial music projects at an ad agency in Toronto, Canada, Andrew Cariboni and Aaron Gaistman became friends over a shared love for independent electronic producers and psych-tinged jam bands. The two formed 'Fried dough' as a vehicle for their creative output and friend Nolan Bouvier later joined the band in 2016. 

With a strong history of eclectic indie music, including Broken Social Scene, Caribou, Metric, and Death from Above 1979, Toronto is no stranger to bands that blur the lines between genres and styles. Fried Dough not only sees the groups various members playing a wide range of instruments, but also producing a full spectrum of tracks from pink floyd esque flowing psychedelia to texture-rich cutting edge electronic music. 

The latter best describes the groups most recent track 'Brume' which is a brief yet powerful two and a half minutes of brain twisting idm and swelling analog synths. Despite the apocalyptic overtones the track ultimately concludes with a sense of resolve and optimism. 



Music from the ADSR Blog- Radio Special

Halfway through our month long takeover of London based radio station- Resonance FM, we bring you part one of a special ADSR blog showcase series.  Unpacking the deep crates of exceptional tunes from artists interviewed on the blog over the years.  Enjoy 2 hours of downtempo, lofi beats, dubtechno, and experimental electronica from a hand picked selection of innovative artists from around the world.

Visit the Radio section of the website for full downloads and tracklists.  

ADSR artist Tokiomi to play Mutek Festival

ADSR artist Tokiomi confirmed in Mutek Montreal 2017 lineup.

We are happy to announce ADSR artist Tokiomi will be performing at this years Mutek Festival, August 22-27 in Montreal, Canada.  

Catch Tokiomi at the closing night of the festival on Sunday, August 27th at...
Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]
1201 Saint-Laurent Blvd, Montréal, QC H2X 2S6
Montréal, Canada

More info. over here:

Pretty Good Not Bad Festival recap coming soon to the blog

Pretty Good Not Bad Festival 2017 at Victoria BC, Canada

The second year of the festival took place this past weekend in Victoria, BC and was nothing short of pretty awesome.  Four days of ambient and experimental music presented in unique venues throughout the city.  Stay tuned as we'll be posting our coverage of the festival, including full features and photo sets, over the next few days!  

Until then feel free to check out our festival showcase episode on ADSR Radio #6