Tokiomi "Secret Stash" A/V collab- Laine Butler

To celebrate the release of Tokiomi "Secret Stash" we have another fresh audio/visual collaboration, this time coming from Vancouver's- Laine Butler. Laine is a multi-faceted artist, with experience in sound design, graphic design, and visual art. His work has been featured in theatre pieces, films, video games as well as art exhibitions and late night electronic events. Read more about his works over at

Tokiomi "Secret Stash" A/V collab- Arya

For our third visual collaboration we reached out to another west coast favourite- Arya. Multimedia artist and designer, Arya's works have been featured at Bass Coast Festival, in international publications, and accompanying a wide range of live performances. Check out his interpretation of tokiomi's unique soundscapes below :) or read more about his work at

Tokiomi "Secret Stash" A/V collab- Tev 13

It's release week!  Japanese beatmaker Tokiomi releases his first full length album "Secret Stash" this coming Thursday, November, 16.  To celebrate our first physical release we collaborated with 7 of our favourite visual artists to get their interpretation of the sounds 🎶  

Here's the first clip from Vancouver visual artist - TEV 13 

ADSR Radio #20: The Mutek Festival special

Listen back to our 20th radio episode, focusing on Montreal electronic festival: Mutek!  Hear two hours of electronic sounds and flavours from Mutek's closing night lineup. Tune in 📡 

Check out the full tracklist over on our radio page and our event recap!

Flashback Friday- Kelowna Live PA trip

Palace of Manufactures Opening: Kelowna's 1st Pop-Up Art Gallery

On the weekend of Saturday June 12th, the ADSR collective took to the sunny skies of the Okanagon Valley in pursuit of the finest sights, sips and sounds. 

Bramble Copeman
Nathalie Denise Coulombe
Natasha Harvey
Jenny Long
Meghan Wise   

Live PA sets
Leona Noche

Thanks to Sean Shepard for all the hard work putting this thing together!