Do something Reckless this summer with Miami Horror

Summer is an exciting time of year. The intensity of life comes full force, encouraging us to feel first and think later. It’s intoxicating, irresistible, and energizing, so it’s no wonder that some of our strongest feelings of nostalgia are linked to this season. And just in time to feel the heat, Australian synth-pop group and summer festival staples Miami Horror have dropped a brand new single that is perfectly poised to capture everything that summer represents, entitled “Restless”

Funk guitars, warm synths, and syncopated drums open the track in familiar Miami Horror style, recalling their early days during the heyday of french electro and blog house, but soon we’re treated to guest vocalist Kevin Lavitt’s soft voice that instantly places the song within the realm of more contemporary artists working with 70s and 80s aesthetics. It’s a real testament to founding member Benjamin Plant’s ability to remain relevant to current trends without jettisoning the core of Miami Horror’s oeuvre. Lyrically, Lavitt ruminates on a feeling that we have all felt before: do they like me? Like, really like me? Of course it’s a bit cheesy, but say anything in the right voice and it goes from cheesy to romantic. And if indulging in your emotions isn’t a quintessential aspect of summer, then I don’t know what is.

Check out the full-on 70s inspired video for “Restless” above, and get yourself ready for some of that summer love.

— review by Autonomy

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Sophomore's 'Ghost Rider' will have you on the edge of your seat

While most online content creators struggle to find copyright-friendly music to add to videos, Sophomore, almost in defiance of DRM algorithms, takes the opposite approach: he searches far and wide for obscure video, from Canada’s National Film Board archives to police dashcam footage, to augment his analogue synth dreamscapes.

In ‘Ghost Rider’, we ride shotgun for a high-speed car chase in gloriously vintage fashion that can’t help but call to mind the sounds of College and Cliff Martinez in Nicolas Winding Refn’s film Drive, or The Reds in Michael Mann’s Manhunter. Sophomore’s relaxed drum machine rhythms, blissed out arpeggios, and booming, cinematic pads would fit right at home with Italians Do It Better’s faux film score releases, but he does one better by setting the narrative scene himself with a car chase that looks like it could have happened right on the highway nearest to your own home. Despite leveraging an aesthetic sound palette that is no doubt familiar by now to us all, the cumulative effect is as entrancing as it is unique.

If you liked Ghost Rider, check out Sophomore’s other original compositions set to video on his YouTube channel or follow him on Soundcloud.

— review by autonomy

Interstellar Art pop from LA's Death Hags

French born, LA based composer / vocalist Lola Jean aka ‘Death Hags’ delivers a synth driven space journey with her latest single ‘Earthbound’. The music video is an homage to the sci-fi cult classic The Man Who Fell to Earth, but unlike the character played by David Bowie in the film, the cosmonaut in the video rediscovers a connection to the earth and himself.

Jean describes the track:
"Earthbound is the feeling of coming back to life. It's that moment when you overcome grief to see the world with new eyes -- grief over what the earth is going through, the inevitability and the scale of it, but also personal trauma, because they are linked… We can still heal regardless of the damage and we are still beautiful, sometimes more beautiful with the damage. The only constant is change."

The track dazzles not only in it’s conceptual depth but also vocal delivery and production. Jean’s effortless vocals seem weightless amongst a backdrop of rich synths and tape-tinged percussion. The whole track glides with a smooth mixdown and tasteful amount of reverb and effects. If you are a fan of catchy riffs, infectious vocals and spacey synth lines then Death Hags is definitely one to put in your orbit.

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New ambient album from Manchester producer- Twin Complex

Oliver Hardingham aka Twin Complex is an electronic producer, composer and filmmaker based in Manchester, UK. Although writing and performing in mostly hardcore bands throughout his teens, Oliver always kept small electronic side projects on the go. But it wasn't until early 2017, when his electronic productions started to become more the focus of his creative output, that he began to develop his own unique style and sound. 

As Hardingam shaped and sculpted his early ideas, over time more and more refined forms and structures emerged. Ideas turned to concepts, and concepts to arranged tracks, until gradually he was compiling a number of completed pieces. 

Released just over a week ago, Twin Complex 'Permanence' represents not only the coalescence of these various creative narratives into a debut album, but also a turning of the page in the young producers aesthetic progression. The album is 6 tracks of brooding ambient soundscapes, entrancing arpeggiation, and just the right about of percussive framework. 

'Remnants' is a swelling ambient piece from the album, exhibiting a tasteful mix of minimalism and tonal hypnotism. Cascading synths enter quietly only to bloom into full blown firework-like analog expressions. 

Stream the release here 


New gallery- Ohm 5

The fifth instalment of our live pa series "Ohm" was an intimate evening of live electronic music in a loft overlooking Gastown in Vancouver, Canada. 

With performances from-
Scott MFR , Ian M , Heuristics, Tokiomi, Segue and, Qoqo Roboqs. 

Visuals from Chris Shier, Arya Hawker and TEV13. 

⚡️ Check out the full gallery!

Release Day- December Beaches [ADSR007]

Out today!  2 tracks of raw, eclectic acid house from Chicago born, Orlando based producer- December Beaches.  Check it out over on our Bandcamp.    

Pretty Good Not Bad Festival recap coming soon to the blog

Pretty Good Not Bad Festival 2017 at Victoria BC, Canada

The second year of the festival took place this past weekend in Victoria, BC and was nothing short of pretty awesome.  Four days of ambient and experimental music presented in unique venues throughout the city.  Stay tuned as we'll be posting our coverage of the festival, including full features and photo sets, over the next few days!  

Until then feel free to check out our festival showcase episode on ADSR Radio #6