Arabic Lofi beats from Jordan's - Zi7

We’re lucky to be able to feature some pretty unique sounds here on the blog, from producers crafting their own distinctive soundscapes to musicians presenting their honed creative output, the sheer amount of music coming out daily makes standing out from the crowd perhaps harder than ever.

Although putting forth some wholly original sounds may not come easy, for today’s guest it seems totally natural. Zi7 - زيح (pronounced ‘Zeeh’) is a Jordanian beatmaker focused on reviving traditional Arabic music through sampling. Combining elements of lofi beats, jazz and Middle Eastern sounds, Zi7 creates hazy beat collages with hints of Arabic nostalgia.

His recent release ‘Tamheedat: Volume I’ features 6 tracks of chopped up samples, saturated drums and traditional Arabic instruments. With most tracks under the 2 minute range, the tunes play as low slung sketches and the album as an effortless journey into the ancient sun-kissed landscape of the Middle East.

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Gone in a (green) flash with Phoenix's Phortran

It could be the hot desert climate of the state of Arizona, or the nearly 300 days of sun Phoenix experiences per year, but beat producer ‘phortran’ seems to have some hazy heat running through his veins. Originally taking his musical inspiration from experimental electronic music and idm, it wasn’t until he heard Hip Hop artists such as Aesop Rock and MF Doom in the 90s that his musical tastes started to shift. Artists like Madlib, Dilla and Nujabes further fuelled the budding beatmaker’s creative blueprint, and laid the foundation for which his modern productions rest on.

Taking a look at phortran’s Soundcloud it’s quickly apparent that this style and finesse didn’t happen overnight. With more than 70 tracks posted over the last 6 years it’s clear that he’s done his homework and steadily honed his sound. He has recently become involved with a local Phoenix-based collective called Brunch Collect and put out a split EP called "States Away" with fellow beat maker- jives. He is currently working on his next split release with Korey Wade and playing shows around Phoenix.

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Laid back vibes from lofi producer- radicule

Straight from New York to your eardrums, 22 year old beat producer radicule cooks up well seasoned tracks with the right amount of dust and definition. With a taste beyond his years, radicule references old anime, 90s cartoons and classic video game tracks resulting in a hazy lofi sound that feels more like it belongs in a walkman than an mp3.

Fortunately for us, that lofi analog touch is now available through the beat compilation ‘Seasonal Sounds 5: Fall’ courtesy of Boston label - Dust Collectors. The compilation features 44 tracks of headnodding beats to pop in your cassette player and float away to. Expect a start-to-finish mix of diverse beats, nostalgic samples, and faded soundscapes.

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Lush Lofi from Misc. Inc and Leavv

Based in Dresden, Germany Misc. Inc creates dreamy, chilled out soundscapes perfect for studying, reflecting or relaxing. Starting out making beats in 2012, the young producer took cues from some of his favourite lofi artists such as bsd.u, Tycho, and Jinsang. Now, 6 years later, Misc displays a complexity and confidence in his music well beyond his years. 

The Misc. Inc sound combines organic, soulful elements with crisp sound design and groove-infused, infectious beats. Never one to settle within a comfortable niche, Marc is always striving to improve his sound and broaden his horizons. This pursuit often leads him to new, exciting collaborations resulting in music that is more than the sum of its parts. 

His Oblivion EP is a great example of this collaborative approach. Joined by fellow countryman, Leavv, the 2-track release features dusty chords, soothing rhythms and organic atmospheres. 

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