Charlotte Adigéry takes her Caribbean sensibilities somewhere deep with 'Paténipat'

The Belgian-Caribbean artist Charlotte Adigéry has a new single out called ‘Paténipat’, an infectious, stripped-back, 4-on-the-floor roller that is undeniably fun and will surely occupy your faculties for days to come. The Caribbean influences poke through, calling to mind a deep dub aesthetic, but the rhythms and vocal treatment build to an energetic frenzy that will fit right in on the dancefloor. Is it any wonder, then, that the forthcoming EP, titled ‘Zandoli’, is being released by DEEWEE, the label by Soulwax founders David and Stephen Dewaele? The brothers have built a name on their genre-defying combination of entrancing rhythms and bombastic musicality, and Paténipat fits that bill to a T.

The EP is a collaboration with producer Boris Pupul. The story goes that the pair originally met on Tinder and had the kind of heart-to-heart that only kindred spirits can; the friendship growing and solidifying into the forthcoming release. If the lead single is anything to go by, Zandoli’s release date of February 8, 2019 can’t come soon enough.

Check out the video for Paténipat above, and pre-order the vinyl or digital release over at the DEEWEE shop.

- review by autonomy

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