Serenity now with London's Sleepless

The classic downtempo, acid jazz sound is alive and thriving throughout Sleepless's 4th album, Serene.

While there isn't much info to be found on the man behind the beats, the music speaks for itself. It harks back to a simple time of bass heavy, laid back bobbers, with crisp snare snaps and the odd jazzy instrumental. I've been missing music like this. Sleepless recalls genre pioneers like DJ Cam, Dilla, Amon Tobin and more.

Serene, which dropped late last week is Sleepless's fourth album in five years. Each of his releases provide the lo-fi vibes which drew many of us into acid jazz and instrumental hip hop from the beginning. Serene, as an album is a pleasure. It's filled with smokey, back room sizzlers to help us fade into the night and early morning risers to bring us back. In our hard pounding, technological, unrelenting world, a little serenity is necessary to keep sane amidst the daily madness.

Stand outs from the 16 track album include 'Process' which features guitar work from Rax Beheshti, 'Don't Forget' which features smooth muted horns and the dreamy 'Where You At?'.

Don’t sleep on this release, go grab Serene on Bandcamp now.

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