Computer Data finds real human emotion with 'Healing'

Will computers ever feel things the way we do? Philosophers have been trying to answer this question since the dawn of computers themselves, but it doesn’t take a philosopher to know that Computer Data’s newest EP, Emotional Shift, will leave you feeling in ways you might not have expected on the dancefloor. The recipe of warmly saturated drums, gentle analog pads, and pitched vocals is certainly not new territory, but house music has always been about what you feel, not what you think. With the track ‘Healing,’ CD nails that feeling of sombre despair, of not know what to do but knowing you gotta do something. Might as well dance.

Hit play on ‘Healing’ above, and when you’re done reflecting go find the whole EP on bandcamp.

- review by autonomy

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Chilled out Naptime from California's Young Citrus

Creative inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Other musicians, childhood memories, nature or just a particular sample you can’t get out of your head.

For west coast beat producer ‘Young Citrus’ it’s often a certain sound or sample that he just knows he wants to work with or chop up. As Citrus explains about his recent release ‘sleep’ -
”I was really inspired by the piano sample - it's so chilled out and relaxing. Oftentimes, I turn to music when I need a break from the stresses of day to day living. It's honestly therapeutic.”

Young Citrus grew up listening to ‘The Album Leaf’ and ‘Nujabes’; their chilled out, peaceful sounds can be heard as a definite influence on his own productions today. Also working with sample based techniques, Citrus creates beat-heavy sound collages, layering chopped up clips with original riffs and basslines. For his latest track ‘sleep’, Citrus started with a sample and ran with it. “Once I heard the sample, I knew I wanted to chop it up and build around it. I added some drums, a bassline, and a wavy guitar with a bunch of reverb on it to give it a surf-rock inspired chill vibe.”

Grab this lofi siesta as a free download over on his Soundcloud

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