Pianist Alexandra Stréliski Explores Moments of Vulnerability with INSCAPE

“A piano, on its own, is a very vulnerable thing, and I want to share this moment with the listener.” 

This honest confession coming from Montreal-based pianist and composer Alexandra Stréliski, commenting on her latest release, and second full length album, INSCAPE. A work that is largely characterized by vulnerability, sincerity and honesty, not only in the medium but also in it’s inspiration and delivery.

The creative medium itself, a piano laid bare, carries with it a kind of intrinsic sincerity. Nothing to hide behind, no overbearing production, nothing competing for your attention. Simply and naturally, Stréliski and her piano.

The inspiration for the album as well carries with it a kind of honest vulnerability.
“To me,” says Stréliski, “Inscape was an existential crisis. A year where everything capsized and I had to go through various interior landscapes – hectic, beautiful and painful at the same time. I found myself in a space filled with grey areas that I didn’t know how to escape.”

The album is a collection of fleeting moments which are as much an internal dialogue as they are meant for a larger audience. Coming to terms with unanswered questions and loose ends, INSCAPE is one part melancholic masterpiece and one part triumphant metamorphosis. A delicate butterfly of rare authenticity within the contemporary music landscape.

Out now from Montreal label ‘Secret City Records’
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Genre blending future sounds from French producer- Sc Ar

As Kurt Cobain said “punk is musical freedom. It’s saying, doing and playing whatever you want”. From punk to hip-hop, youth culture worldwide has continually strived to differentiate itself from the previous generation. Whether seeking identity or new forms of expression, this cyclical pursuit can be seen time and time again throughout recent history.

And modern day electronic music is no different, listening to some of the new sounds coming out from the next generation of producers it’s clear that unique ideas, genres and styles are constantly bubbling just below the surface. Whether it be the blending of genres, new and interesting production techniques, or disregard for any sort of structure or musical conventions of the past, there’s no denying that some of the new sounds coming out almost daily now are some of the most dynamic and sonically diverse we’ve yet to hear.

Take upcoming French producer- Sc Ar for example. His new single ‘Flirt’ teases with touches of house, vapourwave, idm, and electronica in a sound that can only be described as forward-thinking and future. Pitched vocal samples ascend white marble staircases of billowing, nostalgic pads while organic, woody percussion rains down from the rafters. As the young producer states “Flirt is my very first single. Others will come.”

Stay tuned…

Genre-defying idm from French producer- bplrxxiii

Claes Frowein, aka bplrxxiii, is a French musician currently residing and creating in Quebec, Canada. Inspired by the techno movement that swept France, Claes started producing electronic music around 2010. 

Upon moving to Canada, Frowein started experimenting with new sounds and styles. Incorporating elements of idm, broken beat and juke into his productions, the inquisitive artist blended up his own unique brand of electronic music. 

In 2015 he released his debut EP 'La Terre est Bleue' on Montreal's On the Stick Records. The release featured 4 tracks of experimental field recordings, jittery beats, and error inducing atmospheres. Following up that release with another EP and several singles on another Montreal imprint, Full Con Records, Claes was quickly fitting right into the experimental, eclectic landscape of French Canada. 

His recent track '11panda' features a plethora of unique samples nestled against a backdrop of detailed sound design. With an unpredictable, infectious beat stumbling the track forward, the entire piece leaves us wondering what sonic treat will be hurled next at the unsuspecting listener?

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