octo17 experiments with hybrid forms on 'playtest'

Russian producer octo17 returns to the ADSR blog with a new track titled ‘playtest’, a hybrid form that takes elements from electro, deep house, and hip hop. The rhythm is unmistakably electro, with thick kicks and a boom-bap beat; but the pads and melodic elements are certainly more common in the deeper end of house music. And to round it out, the rap vocal samples give it an extra bit of swagger that will have you bobbing your head to the beat in no time.

Everything comes together to invoke, perhaps, early Drexciya, with their organic-yet-foreign, sunk-in-the-ocean pioneering form of electro. And yet, octo17 still flexes his modern production chops, creating a balanced frequency range that thumps in the lows and tickles in the highs. Combined with some unique atmospherics and well-tuned delays, the track rolls along nicely and would be hard pressed to keep anyone still on the dancefloor.

— review by autonomy

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'point of departure,' a harmonically tuned machine of a track from octo17

The first thing you can tell about ‘point of departure,’ a brand new track from St. Petersburg’s octo17, is that it was built with precision. Like a seasoned machinist steadfastly grinding away parts for the perfectly tuned machine, octo17 produces a sonic aesthetic that is crisp, airy, and grounded in harmony. Every component of the track works with another, whether it be the harmonizing arps, call-and-return stabs, or cross-panned percussion.

And because everything works together, it builds quite naturally to a satisfying climax, taking its time to get there. Fans of melodic or slow techno will surely appreciate this one. Stream it above, and after follow octo17 on Soundcloud to keep up with the rest of his output.

- review by autonomy