New album from Chill electronic producer- Hotwax

Hotwax is 24 year old musician and producer Adam Keilbach. Adam is a self-taught musician and electronic music producer, and since 2011 has been crafting downtempo tunes with chilled out vibes, engaging hooks, atmospheric beats.

Based in Florida, Keilbach has released across a number of domestic and international labels including: Bad Pop (Mexico), Vacant Music (South Carolina), Intelligent Sound (Missouri), 2060 (Washington) and has contributed remixes to up and coming artists such as James Deen, Conclave, and fka Spazzkid. 

Last year Adam dropped his debut album- 'Communicator' on Olympia, Washington eclectic tape label, 2060. The album, consisting of 12 tracks packed with lush soundscapes and ethereal melodies, featured a number of special musical collaborations including live guitar from Nate Wagner and vocals from Navigateur and Steffalloo. 

Now, fresh off the press, we have the brand new Hotwax album entitled 'Nightwatch' to share with all you music heads today. Released just yesterday on Texas label 'Sleepless Collective', the album features 7 tracks of expertly articulated, synth-laden electronic experiences. From the upbeat, drum-driven rhythm of 'Nightwatch' to the minimal and melancholic 'Secret River' the album showcases Keilbach's skill in creating infectious, synth heavy atmospheres that are as cinematic as they are serene. 

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Lush Lofi from Misc. Inc and Leavv

Based in Dresden, Germany Misc. Inc creates dreamy, chilled out soundscapes perfect for studying, reflecting or relaxing. Starting out making beats in 2012, the young producer took cues from some of his favourite lofi artists such as bsd.u, Tycho, and Jinsang. Now, 6 years later, Misc displays a complexity and confidence in his music well beyond his years. 

The Misc. Inc sound combines organic, soulful elements with crisp sound design and groove-infused, infectious beats. Never one to settle within a comfortable niche, Marc is always striving to improve his sound and broaden his horizons. This pursuit often leads him to new, exciting collaborations resulting in music that is more than the sum of its parts. 

His Oblivion EP is a great example of this collaborative approach. Joined by fellow countryman, Leavv, the 2-track release features dusty chords, soothing rhythms and organic atmospheres. 

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New ambient release from Keith Kenniff on Ghostly Intl.

For over a decade Keith Kenniff has been recording ambient and electronic music mostly at night through an old lofi tape recorder. Keith prefers noctural producing habits as he states "my mind is less distracted when I know that everything is dark outside". He adds that the cheap, cassette recorder adds a nice final touch to the sound "a lovely little imperfect way to treat sounds." 

A Pennsylvanian by birth, Keith Kenniff graduated with honours from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Taking his technical knowledge and creative spark then applying these to a number of sounds and genres; Kenniff has been the brains behind many critically acclaimed groups and projects. These include his electronica/ambient alias 'Helios', his solo piano project 'Goldmund' and his indie rock band along with his wife Hollie Kenniff called 'Mint Julep.' 

His recent release on Ghostly International 'Verditas' follows this lineage of unbound creativity and constant artistic progression. With a focus more on texture and harmony rather than arrangement and structure, this new album introduces new genre-defying concepts and ideas into the Helios catalog. Keith comments on this new approach: "I wanted to explore emotionality within something more static."

The opening track 'Seeming' is a 2 and a half minute journey of stunning ambiance, lush layers of swirling synths, and an undiluted expression in emotionality. The album passes not as a series of individual tracks, but rather a collection of moments that are as fluid and regenerative as they are hopeful and human. 

Helios 'Veriditas' releases August 31, 2018 on Ghostly International. 
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Mary Yalex for Deep House Amsterdam

Check out the "all originals" mix German artist Mary Yalex recently did for Deep House Amsterdam.  

1. Mary Yalex – Uranus
2. Mary Yalex – Arp Love
3. Mary Yalex – Walking on the moon
4. Mary Yalex – Just a feeling
5. Mary Yalex – River
6. Mary Yalex – Glacier
7. Mary Yalex – Sun
8. Mary Yalex – Earth Blossom
9. Mary Yalex – Hyper Heart
10. Mary Yalex – Metallic Elements

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