New ambient album from Manchester producer- Twin Complex

Oliver Hardingham aka Twin Complex is an electronic producer, composer and filmmaker based in Manchester, UK. Although writing and performing in mostly hardcore bands throughout his teens, Oliver always kept small electronic side projects on the go. But it wasn't until early 2017, when his electronic productions started to become more the focus of his creative output, that he began to develop his own unique style and sound. 

As Hardingam shaped and sculpted his early ideas, over time more and more refined forms and structures emerged. Ideas turned to concepts, and concepts to arranged tracks, until gradually he was compiling a number of completed pieces. 

Released just over a week ago, Twin Complex 'Permanence' represents not only the coalescence of these various creative narratives into a debut album, but also a turning of the page in the young producers aesthetic progression. The album is 6 tracks of brooding ambient soundscapes, entrancing arpeggiation, and just the right about of percussive framework. 

'Remnants' is a swelling ambient piece from the album, exhibiting a tasteful mix of minimalism and tonal hypnotism. Cascading synths enter quietly only to bloom into full blown firework-like analog expressions. 

Stream the release here 


New ambient release from Keith Kenniff on Ghostly Intl.

For over a decade Keith Kenniff has been recording ambient and electronic music mostly at night through an old lofi tape recorder. Keith prefers noctural producing habits as he states "my mind is less distracted when I know that everything is dark outside". He adds that the cheap, cassette recorder adds a nice final touch to the sound "a lovely little imperfect way to treat sounds." 

A Pennsylvanian by birth, Keith Kenniff graduated with honours from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Taking his technical knowledge and creative spark then applying these to a number of sounds and genres; Kenniff has been the brains behind many critically acclaimed groups and projects. These include his electronica/ambient alias 'Helios', his solo piano project 'Goldmund' and his indie rock band along with his wife Hollie Kenniff called 'Mint Julep.' 

His recent release on Ghostly International 'Verditas' follows this lineage of unbound creativity and constant artistic progression. With a focus more on texture and harmony rather than arrangement and structure, this new album introduces new genre-defying concepts and ideas into the Helios catalog. Keith comments on this new approach: "I wanted to explore emotionality within something more static."

The opening track 'Seeming' is a 2 and a half minute journey of stunning ambiance, lush layers of swirling synths, and an undiluted expression in emotionality. The album passes not as a series of individual tracks, but rather a collection of moments that are as fluid and regenerative as they are hopeful and human. 

Helios 'Veriditas' releases August 31, 2018 on Ghostly International. 
Pre-order the release on limited edition marbled vinyl, CD, or digital.