Atelier Pink Noise finds solace in quietude with 'Meditation of silence'

Continuing in the rich tradition of Japanese ambient, environmental, and new age music, Atelier Pink Noise releases a brand new full-length, 58-minute long album titled ‘Draw a Sleeps.’ Today, we get to listen to a selection from the album, a track titled ‘Meditation of silence.’ For the uninitiated, pink noise is a mathematical noise function that is perceived very similarly to soundscapes found in nature, such as waterfalls.

Atelier Pink Noise, however, instead of using pink noise in his compositions, goes straight to the source and samples the world around him. The sounds of forests, water, small animals, and more reverberate through his compositions, processed and warped to evoke new aural worlds, excitingly fresh yet still intimately familiar. APN blends these sources beautifully with rich, uplifting synth chords that are nominally abstract, but still manages to provoke a narrative within the mind, if one focuses clearly enough. Indeed, I would invite you to experience this track, as well as the rest of the album, in a peaceful and intimate setting, with the lights low and your eyes closed. Perhaps you’ll even see the natural sources from which these sounds originated from.

Stream ‘Meditation of silence’ above, and listen to the entire album over on Spotify.

— review by autonomy

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Rising star Catching Flies set to explode

Multi instrumentalist, producer and DJ, Catching Flies, aka George King, has achieved a great deal in his musical career already. His tunes have received millions of hits and listens, he's got support from the UK's top DJs and taste makers and he's toured the world over supporting some of the biggest DJs and artists.

The one thing that has evaded him thus far is that illusive first full length album. However as 2018 inches to a close, Catching Flies is set to remedy that. With his album release on the horizon, Flies drops a tantalizing teaser in our above track, 'New Gods', featuring a pair of similarly rising stars, collaborating with singer Oscar Jerome and rapper Jay Prince.

Catching Flies, who usually operates alone, blending through the genres of jazz, soul, hip-hop, house, electronica and more delivers a tightly produced track in 'New Gods'. The trio each have ample time to shine as Jay Prince raps about life eternal, Oscar Jerome provides a soulful backdrop, all the while Flies sounds linger, guiding the listener from laid back electronica beats building to a crescendo of jazzy guitar/bass expressions.

The whole thing evolves over a mere 3 minutes time and leaves you longing for more. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a bit longer before his album drops, fortunately though, for those new to Catching Flies, like myself, our man George has more than an ample supply of music available online to satisfy that longing. Catching Flies has previously released an EP, another mini EP and loads of highly acclaimed DJ sets (such as the ‘On Deck’ Thump Mix) and mixes (such as his Solid Steel Radio Mix on Ninja Tune). He even has a monthly radio show on London based Radio station Radar Radio.

If you need any more help tracking Catching Flies as his star rises higher and higher, click onto platforms below:


From Bucharest with love

Golan is a group of musicians destined for big things. They started a few years back as 3 guys focusing on digital production and electronic music. They released some quality tracks, delving into genres like deep-house, nu-disco, trance and more. Recently they've increased to 5 members deep and evolved to use more acoustic instrumentation, featuring piano, flute, guitar and drums of multiple varieties and more.

They also recently played a massive sold out concert in their home of Bucharest, Romania with a full symphonic orchestra. It was the third iteration of their full symphonic show and from the reactions online, it certainly won’t be their last. They're a band that stays true to their beat based roots, but are seriously kicking things up to another level with their production and live show, which includes precise control of dozens of live musicians.

Their tunes these days can range from the mellow and chill to the wild and tribal, whipping audiences into a frenzy in the live setting. Founding members Alex, Mihai and Ernesto are working harder than ever as the band prepares to drop its’ second full length LP.

The album is sure to be varied and wide ranging, judging from what they've released so far. The track featured above, “September Fall”, is a dreamy, melodic chiller, complete with a well produced video that will leave you longing for long lost summer days of your youth, well into the chill of October and beyond. The song is a self proclaimed 'mood' track rather than a full single, regardless, it’s a good taste of their varied style. Don't hesitate to browse through Golan’s YouTube channel to get a further taste of their forthcoming album. I’d also highly recommend to check out a few videos of Golan in the live setting, where they really shine. Tracks like “Abel” and “Sapphire” are prime examples of the type of excitement, emotion and love Golan can induce in its’ audience.

You're not going to want to miss the release of their new album or the Golan live experience, so make sure to follow the group on the platforms below:

Official Website

Weekend Event- Black feat. Lumiere and Jay Tripwire

This weekend ADSR label artist Lumiere (Shreshth Singh) will debut his "Live" act alongside Bunnie (Alli Hayes) - Vocals, Pablo Medeiros - Drums, and Kaveh Roghanian - Keys. Holding down the sideroom for the event will be the diverse "International Collective". Finally, Headlining the night will be the always excellent westcoast favourite: Jay Tripwire.  All going down at Vancouver Art and Leisure, Saturday 11pm to late.  

Pretty Good Not Bad Festival Coming to Victoria may 18-21

Providing a platform for new music and sound art, video and visual art, contemporary dance and multimedia, Pretty Good Not Bad is an annual event aimed at engaging Victoria through dynamic and evocative multimedia experiences.  Now in it's second year, the festival looks to follow up it's 2016 launch with an equally impressive and varied lineup of audio/visual performances.    

Lineup: (Full artist info here)

Sarah Davachi (audio)
Helena Deland (audio)
Indian Agent (audio & visual)
Old Girl (audio)
Broken Rhythms (dance)
Magneticring (audio)
Sister Blanche (audio)
Igikai (visual)
Solur (audio)
Psychic Pollution (audio)
Formidable Liquorice (audio)
Jo Passed (audio)
Klubovader (audio)
DB Chessa (audio)
Null Command (audio)
Jesse Russel Galbraith (visual)
Hush Pup (audio)
Animal Bodies (audio)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (audio & visual)
Above Top Secret (audio)
Organ Mood (audio & visual)
Mourning Coup (audio)
Slope (audio)
Antwood (audio)
Chad Munson & Ghost House (audio & visual)
Aimee van Drimmelien (visual)
The Backhomes (audio)
Hansmole (audio)
Wiklow & Laine Butler (audio & visual)
Teenage Wedding (audio)
Kye Plant (audio)
Void Mirror (audio)
Random Mode (visual)
Schoolgirl (audio)