Astred Collective's Anthony Bailey drops blissed out beats in 'Maelstrom Of Thoughts'.

Being a writer for ADSR means there is going to be a certain amount of bias in this review because Anthony Bailey is also a part of a creative collective. ‘Astred’, based out of Montreal, are on a mission to “promote universality, accessibility, empowerment & leadership in youth culture through music and art” and while doing my research for this review, I found that getting that message out there took centre stage rather than Bailey pushing his work through his own release. It’s inspiring to see this kind of integrity and dedication to a higher cause and of course myself and everyone else at ADSR hope to share the same values through what we do. It’s always nice to come across artists who are pushing community through music and art. Values, which in my opinion, could very well be translated to all aspects of life. 

Bias aside, ‘Want To Feel You’ is simply an excellent piece of lush lo-fi escapism. It’s a warm, infectious well crafted instrumental that creates the slickest of grooves from the play between the laid-back vocal, stripped back drums, dreamy Rhodes and seductive sax/guitar stabs. This is a quality release from Bailey and the good news is there are six more tracks of the same standard on the ‘Maelstrom Of Thoughts” Ep from which ‘Want To Feel You’ hails. This is a perfect blissed out beat for any favourable playlist, from a producer who has loads of talent to share and continues to hone his craft daily.

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Genre-defying idm from French producer- bplrxxiii

Claes Frowein, aka bplrxxiii, is a French musician currently residing and creating in Quebec, Canada. Inspired by the techno movement that swept France, Claes started producing electronic music around 2010. 

Upon moving to Canada, Frowein started experimenting with new sounds and styles. Incorporating elements of idm, broken beat and juke into his productions, the inquisitive artist blended up his own unique brand of electronic music. 

In 2015 he released his debut EP 'La Terre est Bleue' on Montreal's On the Stick Records. The release featured 4 tracks of experimental field recordings, jittery beats, and error inducing atmospheres. Following up that release with another EP and several singles on another Montreal imprint, Full Con Records, Claes was quickly fitting right into the experimental, eclectic landscape of French Canada. 

His recent track '11panda' features a plethora of unique samples nestled against a backdrop of detailed sound design. With an unpredictable, infectious beat stumbling the track forward, the entire piece leaves us wondering what sonic treat will be hurled next at the unsuspecting listener?

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