Quebec city's Gramofaune blends the electronic and acoustic in new album 'Fear Not'

Gramofaune is the project of Gabriel Gagné, a musician and producer based in Quebec City. Originally a classical guitarist, it wasn’t until Gabriel heard artists like Bonobo and Four Tet that he started experimenting with more electronic soundscapes. His compositions are characterized by their diverse sound design palette ; melding acoustic and electronic elements to form deeply moving emotive collages.

His new album ‘Fear Not’ is a smattering of finely tuned electronic environments to lose yourself in. 10 tracks of tastefully prepared landscapes rich in micro percussion, voltage charged melodies, and the occasional acoustic expression. The album is a definite start-to-finish listen that offers up a new sonic treasure around each twist and turn. Featuring a number of musical guests such as: Étienne Masson (drums on "Trails") Philippe Gagné (handpan on "Grande Faune") Pascal Ouellet (dulcimer on "For Pascal") and La Renarde (voice on "Entanglement") - these collaborations add another dimension to an already stellar album.

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Astred Collective's Anthony Bailey drops blissed out beats in 'Maelstrom Of Thoughts'.

Being a writer for ADSR means there is going to be a certain amount of bias in this review because Anthony Bailey is also a part of a creative collective. ‘Astred’, based out of Montreal, are on a mission to “promote universality, accessibility, empowerment & leadership in youth culture through music and art” and while doing my research for this review, I found that getting that message out there took centre stage rather than Bailey pushing his work through his own release. It’s inspiring to see this kind of integrity and dedication to a higher cause and of course myself and everyone else at ADSR hope to share the same values through what we do. It’s always nice to come across artists who are pushing community through music and art. Values, which in my opinion, could very well be translated to all aspects of life. 

Bias aside, ‘Want To Feel You’ is simply an excellent piece of lush lo-fi escapism. It’s a warm, infectious well crafted instrumental that creates the slickest of grooves from the play between the laid-back vocal, stripped back drums, dreamy Rhodes and seductive sax/guitar stabs. This is a quality release from Bailey and the good news is there are six more tracks of the same standard on the ‘Maelstrom Of Thoughts” Ep from which ‘Want To Feel You’ hails. This is a perfect blissed out beat for any favourable playlist, from a producer who has loads of talent to share and continues to hone his craft daily.

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A lofi house gem from Montreal's Moox

It could be the chill of December, or those hearty dishes of smoked meat poutine, but Montreal lofi house producer ‘Moox’ has that special sound to keep you warm all winter long.

His regular uploads of laid back, head nodding house jams throughout 2018 have caught the attention of vibey youtube channel “Moskalus’ and San Francisco label ‘Routine Espresso Recordings'. Continually honing his hazy sound, this past year has seen a number of edits, free downloads, releases and collaborations hit the airwaves from the young Canadian producer.

His recent track ‘My House’ features a warm and welcoming bassline accented by some classic hi hats and percussion up top. Piano infused pads rise and fall to bring movement to the piece, while some cleverly placed vocal samples give a nice final touch.

Grab this little heater on a free download and stay toasty through the winter months.

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Pianist Alexandra Stréliski Explores Moments of Vulnerability with INSCAPE

“A piano, on its own, is a very vulnerable thing, and I want to share this moment with the listener.” 

This honest confession coming from Montreal-based pianist and composer Alexandra Stréliski, commenting on her latest release, and second full length album, INSCAPE. A work that is largely characterized by vulnerability, sincerity and honesty, not only in the medium but also in it’s inspiration and delivery.

The creative medium itself, a piano laid bare, carries with it a kind of intrinsic sincerity. Nothing to hide behind, no overbearing production, nothing competing for your attention. Simply and naturally, Stréliski and her piano.

The inspiration for the album as well carries with it a kind of honest vulnerability.
“To me,” says Stréliski, “Inscape was an existential crisis. A year where everything capsized and I had to go through various interior landscapes – hectic, beautiful and painful at the same time. I found myself in a space filled with grey areas that I didn’t know how to escape.”

The album is a collection of fleeting moments which are as much an internal dialogue as they are meant for a larger audience. Coming to terms with unanswered questions and loose ends, INSCAPE is one part melancholic masterpiece and one part triumphant metamorphosis. A delicate butterfly of rare authenticity within the contemporary music landscape.

Out now from Montreal label ‘Secret City Records’
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ADSR Radio #21- Friends from Montreal

Listen back to this week's radio show, as we showcase a number of eclectic sounds from Montreal's underground.  Hear unreleased material from Wiklow, Fake Electronics, and Atamone, as well as some timeless releases from Hushlamb label project.        

ADSR Radio #20: The Mutek Festival special

Listen back to our 20th radio episode, focusing on Montreal electronic festival: Mutek!  Hear two hours of electronic sounds and flavours from Mutek's closing night lineup. Tune in 📡 

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Music from the ADSR Blog- Radio Special

Halfway through our month long takeover of London based radio station- Resonance FM, we bring you part one of a special ADSR blog showcase series.  Unpacking the deep crates of exceptional tunes from artists interviewed on the blog over the years.  Enjoy 2 hours of downtempo, lofi beats, dubtechno, and experimental electronica from a hand picked selection of innovative artists from around the world.

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Music News- DAAT LVL5 out today

Production duo DAAT has broken the mold once again with their latest sonic excursion.  LVL5 features 4 tracks of far left leaning grainy electronic ambiance and analogue structures deeper than an interstellar black hole.  Check out the interview we did with the forward thinking production duo last year, and grab the release over on Bleep