TWYN Rips the roof off with 'Ravana'

TWYN is the collaboration between two reputable, highly accomplished multi-instrumentalists from Miami, Florida who have been making waves for some years in supporting roles, winning a multitude of industry awards and touring internationally. Jason Matthews (keyboardist) and Aaron Glueckauf (drummer) together create music that spans multiple genres and decades. With the use of the TWYN synth collection and the guidance of Matthews’ direction, the shape of their sound becomes timeless and modern at the same time, finding the space within to showcase their flare for playful, unique moments. The union of Matthews’ noodlings, cosmic explorations and epic explosions along with Glueckauf’s energetic drumming and precise programming leads to a pairing that puts together a well-rounded sound that fits perfectly. Whether they are making more downtempo or high-energy tracks you still feel like the duo are fully focused on their vision to create highly imaginative, experimental electronica brimming with energy.

‘Ravana’ is a power-house track that blurs the lines between multiple genres such as jazz, electronic and breakbeat. Opening up with a commanding presence of two opposing synth lines, one epic and uplifting the other forbidding and almost oppressive, causing instant drama and tension. This is what I love in music, ‘Ravana’ grabs your attention from the first second and takes you on a  thrilling journey throughout, with highlighted elements of jazz drums, cosmic fluctuations and playful textures that really brings the track to life. 

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New album from Chill electronic producer- Hotwax

Hotwax is 24 year old musician and producer Adam Keilbach. Adam is a self-taught musician and electronic music producer, and since 2011 has been crafting downtempo tunes with chilled out vibes, engaging hooks, atmospheric beats.

Based in Florida, Keilbach has released across a number of domestic and international labels including: Bad Pop (Mexico), Vacant Music (South Carolina), Intelligent Sound (Missouri), 2060 (Washington) and has contributed remixes to up and coming artists such as James Deen, Conclave, and fka Spazzkid. 

Last year Adam dropped his debut album- 'Communicator' on Olympia, Washington eclectic tape label, 2060. The album, consisting of 12 tracks packed with lush soundscapes and ethereal melodies, featured a number of special musical collaborations including live guitar from Nate Wagner and vocals from Navigateur and Steffalloo. 

Now, fresh off the press, we have the brand new Hotwax album entitled 'Nightwatch' to share with all you music heads today. Released just yesterday on Texas label 'Sleepless Collective', the album features 7 tracks of expertly articulated, synth-laden electronic experiences. From the upbeat, drum-driven rhythm of 'Nightwatch' to the minimal and melancholic 'Secret River' the album showcases Keilbach's skill in creating infectious, synth heavy atmospheres that are as cinematic as they are serene. 

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London producer 'Big O' brings the big chill

Orlando Turner, better known as 'Big O', is an American hip hop producer, mixing engineer, and DJ representing the UK. Starting to make beats at the young age of 13, this experienced producer has been influenced by his American roots and UK surroundings.

Now based in London, Turner continues his musical journey and maintains his steady output of beats and collaborations. He's worked with artists such as 'Slimkid3' (founding member of Pharcyde), Brooklyn rapper 'Skyzoo', and Portland-based beatmaker Maze Rockwell. 

Big O's production style incorporates smooth and soulful elements alongside dusty beats and urban atmospheres. Turner utilizes drum machines, turntables, keyboards and samplers to make his ideas come to life. 

'Summer in the Park' is one such production where these studio elements come together to bring his sound to life. The track is a 3 minute head-nodder featuring soulful chords, relaxed keys and laid back bumpin' beat. 

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ADSR007 coming June 12th

Release number seven comes from Chicago born, Florida based electronic producer: December Beaches.  For this release Beaches brings forth 2 tracks of energetic, raw, acid house.  Check out the clips on our Soundcloud and jump on the Bandcamp pre-order.

For more info. on the young up and comer check out the mix and interview he did for us earlier this year.