Synth-rich slow house from Berlin's- Brigade

Berlin producer/DJ duo Brigade release new single "From Dogs We Come", an entrancing synth-heavy groove which takes the listener on a meandering journey through primal beats and muted guitars. 

Moving past Berlin's standard fare of industrial techno and monochrome fashion, Brigade's music is a breath of fresh air in the creatively saturated German capital. Performing spontaneous and funky livesets the duo's music is jazzy, eclectic, and just plain fun.

As an active part of the Berlin based 'Keller' label family, Brigade maintains a steady schedule of creative collaborations and live performances. The creative collective shares the mantra of 'Breaking down the barriers between melodic techno and deep house, our releases explore the unknown territories of sound.' 

Aside from Keller, Brigade has also released on a number of quality German imprints such as Parquet Recordings, 3000 Grad, and now also Majestic Casual. 

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New release from Vancouver's Datataste

Our friends 'datataste' have just released a new album, check it out over on their bandcamp!

"Sigil Tree" represents a sigilization of sound. The source material, largely found buried in an old hard drive and in project files, had been forgotten several times over before being assembled, deeply augmented, and performed for these recordings.

ADSR Radio #21- Friends from Montreal

Listen back to this week's radio show, as we showcase a number of eclectic sounds from Montreal's underground.  Hear unreleased material from Wiklow, Fake Electronics, and Atamone, as well as some timeless releases from Hushlamb label project.        

Flashback Friday- Kelowna Live PA trip

Palace of Manufactures Opening: Kelowna's 1st Pop-Up Art Gallery

On the weekend of Saturday June 12th, the ADSR collective took to the sunny skies of the Okanagon Valley in pursuit of the finest sights, sips and sounds. 

Bramble Copeman
Nathalie Denise Coulombe
Natasha Harvey
Jenny Long
Meghan Wise   

Live PA sets
Leona Noche

Thanks to Sean Shepard for all the hard work putting this thing together!