NOMVDSLVND finds his place with 'Belong'

NOMVDSLVND (pronounced ‘nomads land’) may live in Toronto, but as many of us in large cities can attest to, having a home and knowing your place are two very different things. Despite a background in dance, NOMVDSLVND crafts music that, instead of compelling an energetic dancefloor, interrogates the uncertainty that comes with trying to find one’s community. Perhaps his transition from dance to music was the creative spark for this idea. Many of the tracks on Part 1 of the 2-part release ‘More Harm Than Good’ slip in and out of musical ideas at ease, like a wallflower timidly testing the waters of a gathering. NOMVDSLVND creates lush backdrops for these ideas, mixing field recordings, found sounds, and broken beats that make each track an entirely new space.

On ‘Belong’, which you can hear above, he uses Rhodes-like chords to invoke a melancholy mood, a sense of feeling unsettled, of knowing what you want but not knowing how to get there. Broken beats skitter underneath, dropping in and out of the track, underpinning that anxious feeling. Punctuating this idea, he uses heavily processed vocal snippets throughout that further capture the distance we can sometimes feel between where we are and where we want to be. It’s an intoxicating concoction.

‘More Harm Than Good Part 1: Here For Now’ is out March 8th on Toronto label- ‘Bedroomer’ and can be preordered now. If you liked ‘Belong’, check out lots more over on Bedroomer’s Soundcloud.

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A Powerful Presence Felt by Cuts in 'Time Is Not Your Friend'

Anthony Tombling Jr a.k.a. Cuts delivers another harrowing track from his album ‘A Gradual Decline’ which dropped last month on Village Green Records. Cuts is an audio-visual project commenting on the environmental concerns facing us today. We explored the importance of music like this in our most recent review of the title track from the album. As to say for ‘Time Is Not Your Friend’ is very much in the same vein as ‘A Gradual Decline’, although slightly lighter in tone it still plays with the same kind of earnest and urgency. 

Tombling unapologetically lays down a perpetuating melody of distorted organs and synths that build in intensity until around the three minute mark. Then the drums kick in, giving us again some sharp percussion and textures to drive home the sense of a jagged landscape that Tombling has curated throughout the musical and visual elements in ‘A Gradual Decline’. Again Anthony drives home a message of prescience and purpose while lifting us up in the most epic fashion. If you are a fan of cinematic music with a real message at it’s core then Cuts is very much worth putting on your radar. 

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Idm-tinged ambient-techno from German duo 'qrauer'

Creating a variety of left leaning electronica, from micro house to ambient techno, Christian Grochau and Ludwig Bauer aka qrauer are a breath of fresh air in the often formulaic world of modern dance music. With a 4/4 framework driving their tracks, the duo’s productions are heavy on lush sound design and sonic experimentation while remaining reined in enough to sit comfortably within an eclectic DJ set.

With both Christian and Ludwig coming from strong musical backgrounds, Christian being a virtuosic percussionist and Ludwig being a skilled pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, the two are able to find the perfect balance between danceable musicality and genre pushing electronic aesthetics.

Their debut EP ‘Aracus’ fully harnesses the duo’s creative powers and concentrates them into 4 tracks of organic sidewinder rhythms and awe-inspiring moments of cinematic brilliance. Brokebone is the concluding track of the album, with an off-kilter chorus of impressively honed percussive elements and richly coloured brutish leads, the track wraps up the EP nicely while leaving us hungry for the next sonic ‘tour de force’ from the ingenious German duo.

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Music News- Tokiomi collaboration release

ADSR label artist Tokiomi joined forces with fellow Japanese producer Ryuei Kotoge for a recent release on the compilation- Abiogenesis.  Out now on Minesota based label, The Great Magnet.  

Check out the full compilation over on The Great Magnet Bandcamp.  

ADSR artist Tokiomi to play Mutek Festival

ADSR artist Tokiomi confirmed in Mutek Montreal 2017 lineup.

We are happy to announce ADSR artist Tokiomi will be performing at this years Mutek Festival, August 22-27 in Montreal, Canada.  

Catch Tokiomi at the closing night of the festival on Sunday, August 27th at...
Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]
1201 Saint-Laurent Blvd, Montréal, QC H2X 2S6
Montréal, Canada

More info. over here: