Enter the Hi-Tech Lounge Life of Yarck with 'Untangle'

Yarck kicks off a brand new music project with a single entitled “Untangle,” which you can stream above. Yarck draws inspiration from all the big cats of IDM and experimental electronics like Aphex Twin, FlyLo, and Björk, (I also hear elements of early Amon Tobin or Autechre) which is surely evident in his approach to glitchy percussion and unpredictable rhythmic lurches that evolve and coalesce throughout the track. but what I find most striking about it are the melodic elements. Evolving pads glide in and out and bird-like stabs float about, invoking an unmistakable lounge music vibe. But while the ‘lounge’ descriptor has always had a slightly pejorative connotation to it, for its tendency to be inoffensive filler music, Yarck elevates the motif and places it somewhere in the future. This is music that would grace the gritty blue-collar lounge of an off-world trading post.

Yarck has a lot planned for the future, including a self-made music video for Untangle, which will be out in the near future. Keep up with him on the socials and you won’t miss a beat.

— review by Autonomy

Yarck online:

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