Lichtriss finds hope in the darkness on 'nachts'

‘nachts’, the final track on Lichtriss’ new EP titled ‘Glut’, lays its foundation with noisy, barely-harmonic electric distortions and reverberations that on its own would be interesting enough to fans of dark ambient and dub techno styles. Capturing the unending solitude of the vast expanses of our mechanized landscape is a central idea in these disciplines. But not long after setting this scene of midnight idle-industry, Lichtriss pokes through those endless nights with glowing synth pads that seem to offer refuge from that uneasy feeling that we may very well be living in a dystopia. As we progress, the glow continues; it confirms our hope, it reaffirms our existence as one worthy of life in this world. It leaves us with the message: no, our world is not good. But we are, and that might be enough.

— review by autonomy

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Lake Turner gives lessons in patience on "Prime Mover"

“Prime Mover,” the eponymously titled single from Lake Turner’s brand new EP, is first and foremost a lesson in patience and composition. Eschewing widespread techno tropes like big bass drops and heavily saturated hi hats, the track builds deceptively, with melodic elements that enter the soundscape around a relatively straightforward rhythmic structure. This slow build makes for a surprisingly emotional release, giving the listener just enough air to prepare for a driving climax that confirms, without question, that this is more than just functional 4/4 beat music.

Have a listen for yourself, and enjoy the chromatic abstractions that visually accompanies the track. If you like it, Algebra Records has released a limited edition transparent vinyl edition that’ll look great on the shelf and sound better on the platter. Click the photos to grab a copy from Lake Turner’s Bandcamp.

— review by autonomy

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New gallery- Ohm 5

The fifth instalment of our live pa series "Ohm" was an intimate evening of live electronic music in a loft overlooking Gastown in Vancouver, Canada. 

With performances from-
Scott MFR , Ian M , Heuristics, Tokiomi, Segue and, Qoqo Roboqs. 

Visuals from Chris Shier, Arya Hawker and TEV13. 

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