Bixi, Breathing Room and a Boatload of Bongos

Swiss producer ‘Bixi’ dips his toes into some uncharted waters with his new 5 track release: the ‘Aquarius EP’. A free spirited and eclectic tropical river cruise, full of lush synths, woody percussion and a hot, humid sound. It might seem strange to find such a sound coming from Switzerland being released on a Canadian imprint, both countries certainly not known for their beaches and piña coladas. But newly minted Canadian label ‘Breathing Room records’ seems to be just the right fit for the release, with it’s fresh discography already showing promise in the early stages.

The release plays like a steam-powered riverboat, steadily chugging through the dense jungle. With each bend of the river a new scene of lush greenery unfolds before the listener. The EP opens with the 6 minute, deep house tinged journey entitled ‘Aquarius’. It’s a great track to acclimatize the listener to the steamy sounds to come. While the B side takes a more funk heavy approach, with an infectious bassline leading the way through the tribal flutes and cascading hand drums of ‘Cosmic Water.’ Next is the explorative and earthy sounds of the track ‘Ryu Santos.’ The mysterious soundscape of animal calls, shakers and a finely plucked kalimba make for an unforgettable rainforest excursion.

Overall, a very fine addition to the Breathing Room Records discography from the imaginative swiss producer. A must have in the DJ crate of any percussion pundit or just about anyone who wants to take a quick journey downstream through the lush and layered bongo biosphere.

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Deep bongo bombs from Sweden's Tekkla

Swedish duo Tekkla sends summer vibes to Melbourne’s label with a deep house bongo bomb, continuing’s brisk pace of dropping quality singles. But ‘Love Vibration’ itself is anything but brisk. Clocking in at a breezy 110bpm, the track evokes beach side vibes with gentle bongos and builds beautifully with subtle pads.

Whether you’re a dj looking for the perfect opener to warm up the df, or just need a bit of summer nostalgia in your life, you can’t go wrong with Tekkla’s ‘Love Vibration’. And after that track gets you in the mood, Tekkla’s got a brand new mixtape for that’ll surely have you hankering to crack open a coconut. You can hear the mixtape below, and if you like the track, hop over to’s bandcamp to grab a copy yourself.

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Belgian producer Stereoclip goes back to basics with new track 'Day One''

With the plethora of sounds and production options at the fingertips of today’s digital musicians it’s no wonder that tracks can often get overcrowded and over-compressed. With TV and advertisements competing for our attention we are often bombarded with purposefully loud audio to grab our focus. While it is true that acoustically our ears often perceive ‘louder as better sounding’ there is often little room left for dynamics and fine details. Acclaimed American mastering engineer Bob Katz has even gone as far as saying “loudness is a drug.”

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the past couple decades of electronic music, where club-ready music often prioritized punch and loudness over dynamics and detail. Luckily for us the ‘loudness wars’ seem to be coming to an end, and as the dust settles we are finding more and more dynamic, uncluttered, and lush productions to soothe our battered ears.

Belgian producer ‘Stereoclip’ and his recent release ‘Day One’ certainly fit this description well, with the track maintaining a skillful balance between punch and dynamics. With just the right amount of high-quality raw ingredients, the track never feels cluttered or over-produced and instead floats with a kind of effortless groove. Delicate percussion dances in the stereo spectrum while thick analog synths twist and turn in the foreground. With more and more contemporary electronic music making use of a high dynamic range and a ‘less is more’ attitude we look forward to more producers taking this ‘back to the basics’ sonically-rich approach.

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Eelke Kleijn releases title track from upcoming album- 'Moments of Clarity'

The multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Eelke Kleijn strikes again with a euphoric slice of set-ending deep house. But to simply say the track is a great example of the genre would be a bit of an understatement, as ‘Moments of Clarity’ is an eclectic mix of styles and aesthetics. Sure, one can hear some deep house sensibilities, but upon a closer listen it’s apparent that this production skillfully combines elements of downtempo, ambient, house and even breaks.

Regardless of the classification, one thing is for sure, this track provides the perfect bit of introspection suited so well to the end of a set. As Kleijn elucidates “‘Moments of Clarity’ is the kind of track I would play right at the end of my set. Imagine playing it at sunrise after a long intense night. That’s how I envisioned the track while working on it.”

’Moments of Clarity’ serves as the third single and title track from his much anticipated, upcoming third album set to release this fall. Landing on his own ‘Days like Nights’ label, the in-demand dutchman continues to balance his duties as a producer, DJ, soundtrack composer and label head with an eye on an increasingly bright future ahead.

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Mary Yalex for Deep House Amsterdam

Check out the "all originals" mix German artist Mary Yalex recently did for Deep House Amsterdam.  

1. Mary Yalex – Uranus
2. Mary Yalex – Arp Love
3. Mary Yalex – Walking on the moon
4. Mary Yalex – Just a feeling
5. Mary Yalex – River
6. Mary Yalex – Glacier
7. Mary Yalex – Sun
8. Mary Yalex – Earth Blossom
9. Mary Yalex – Hyper Heart
10. Mary Yalex – Metallic Elements

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ADSR Mix 23- Khlev

For the 23rd instalment of the ADSR mix series, we reached out to Belarusian DJ / producer- Daniil Sutko aka @khlev. A founding member of the Minsk based arts collective, @yinyangblog, and a life-long music lover, Khlev crafts deep, emotive house music full of rich vocals and cascading keys. Whether he's field recording on the beach or recording his classic upright piano in his studio, Khlev fits creativity into his everyday life in the burgeoning Minsk electronic scene.

Check out the full interview here

ADSR Radio hits episode 30!

Check out our 30th episode of ADSR Radio on London based station Resonance Extra .

As always @heuristics puts forth the most unique 2 hours he can muster, from friends unreleased material, to forthcoming tracks on our label, rest assured you won't hear these sounds anywhere else!

Check the full download and tracklist over in the radio section.

Music from the ADSR Blog- Radio Special

Halfway through our month long takeover of London based radio station- Resonance FM, we bring you part one of a special ADSR blog showcase series.  Unpacking the deep crates of exceptional tunes from artists interviewed on the blog over the years.  Enjoy 2 hours of downtempo, lofi beats, dubtechno, and experimental electronica from a hand picked selection of innovative artists from around the world.

Visit the Radio section of the website for full downloads and tracklists.