'point of departure,' a harmonically tuned machine of a track from octo17

The first thing you can tell about ‘point of departure,’ a brand new track from St. Petersburg’s octo17, is that it was built with precision. Like a seasoned machinist steadfastly grinding away parts for the perfectly tuned machine, octo17 produces a sonic aesthetic that is crisp, airy, and grounded in harmony. Every component of the track works with another, whether it be the harmonizing arps, call-and-return stabs, or cross-panned percussion.

And because everything works together, it builds quite naturally to a satisfying climax, taking its time to get there. Fans of melodic or slow techno will surely appreciate this one. Stream it above, and after follow octo17 on Soundcloud to keep up with the rest of his output.

- review by autonomy

Deep bongo bombs from Sweden's Tekkla

Swedish duo Tekkla sends summer vibes to Melbourne’s clipp.art label with a deep house bongo bomb, continuing clipp.art’s brisk pace of dropping quality singles. But ‘Love Vibration’ itself is anything but brisk. Clocking in at a breezy 110bpm, the track evokes beach side vibes with gentle bongos and builds beautifully with subtle pads.

Whether you’re a dj looking for the perfect opener to warm up the df, or just need a bit of summer nostalgia in your life, you can’t go wrong with Tekkla’s ‘Love Vibration’. And after that track gets you in the mood, Tekkla’s got a brand new mixtape for clipp.art that’ll surely have you hankering to crack open a coconut. You can hear the mixtape below, and if you like the track, hop over to clipp.art’s bandcamp to grab a copy yourself.

— review by autonomy

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From Bucharest with love

Golan is a group of musicians destined for big things. They started a few years back as 3 guys focusing on digital production and electronic music. They released some quality tracks, delving into genres like deep-house, nu-disco, trance and more. Recently they've increased to 5 members deep and evolved to use more acoustic instrumentation, featuring piano, flute, guitar and drums of multiple varieties and more.

They also recently played a massive sold out concert in their home of Bucharest, Romania with a full symphonic orchestra. It was the third iteration of their full symphonic show and from the reactions online, it certainly won’t be their last. They're a band that stays true to their beat based roots, but are seriously kicking things up to another level with their production and live show, which includes precise control of dozens of live musicians.

Their tunes these days can range from the mellow and chill to the wild and tribal, whipping audiences into a frenzy in the live setting. Founding members Alex, Mihai and Ernesto are working harder than ever as the band prepares to drop its’ second full length LP.

The album is sure to be varied and wide ranging, judging from what they've released so far. The track featured above, “September Fall”, is a dreamy, melodic chiller, complete with a well produced video that will leave you longing for long lost summer days of your youth, well into the chill of October and beyond. The song is a self proclaimed 'mood' track rather than a full single, regardless, it’s a good taste of their varied style. Don't hesitate to browse through Golan’s YouTube channel to get a further taste of their forthcoming album. I’d also highly recommend to check out a few videos of Golan in the live setting, where they really shine. Tracks like “Abel” and “Sapphire” are prime examples of the type of excitement, emotion and love Golan can induce in its’ audience.

You're not going to want to miss the release of their new album or the Golan live experience, so make sure to follow the group on the platforms below:

Official Website

Indie Electronica from Latvian producer- Mayten

Combining elements of downtempo music with dancefloor sensibilities, Latvian producer 'Mayten' makes unique and listenable electronic music. Currently based in Seattle, Mayten has continued to push himself as an artist and producer since moving stateside. Case in point, his recent release 'Movements' out now via Seattle label Big Slide Records, was the first time the eclectic producer has featured vocals in one of his tracks. The track, featuring the vocals of singer Ella Joy, is a 4 minute journey of swirling vocals, billowing atmospheres and a well textured beat.

Movement's feat. Ella Joy is part of 'Recess 002' a new electronic compilation released by Seattle's Big slide records.  Stream it here.