Ambient maestro Loscil recasts Souns' raw energy into a truly beautiful form

Building on the success of his 2017 album, ‘Aquamarine’, fixture of the Vancouver scene Michael Red, under his ambient alias Souns, prepares a remix EP featuring hand-picked artists to re-work his track ‘Sun Inside The Sun’. Close followers of ADSR may remember Michael Red from his performance at an ADSR show in Vancouver a couple years back, but since then his ambient project Souns has really taken off. The original ‘Sun Inside The Sun’ is a beautifully chaotic track, with pulses echoing about, capturing the energy and entropic dynamics of a hidden world.

Today, we get a peek at the remix from another Vancouverite, and prolific ambient artist in his own right, Loscil. Loscil takes the original’s syncopated form and morphs it into a rhythmic force. If Souns’ original track were stone blocks, rough, weathered, jagged and beautiful in its own right, Loscil’s remix would be a cathedral, with calculated flying buttresses and meticulously carved pillars. It’s a gorgeous rework, with each element fully coordinated with the whole, slowly building to a harmonious crescendo.

Stream the Loscil remix above, and if you like it, hop over to the Souns Bandcamp to pre-order. The EP is set for release on 31 May 2019 on Subtempo.

— review by Autonomy

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Bixi, Breathing Room and a Boatload of Bongos

Swiss producer ‘Bixi’ dips his toes into some uncharted waters with his new 5 track release: the ‘Aquarius EP’. A free spirited and eclectic tropical river cruise, full of lush synths, woody percussion and a hot, humid sound. It might seem strange to find such a sound coming from Switzerland being released on a Canadian imprint, both countries certainly not known for their beaches and piña coladas. But newly minted Canadian label ‘Breathing Room records’ seems to be just the right fit for the release, with it’s fresh discography already showing promise in the early stages.

The release plays like a steam-powered riverboat, steadily chugging through the dense jungle. With each bend of the river a new scene of lush greenery unfolds before the listener. The EP opens with the 6 minute, deep house tinged journey entitled ‘Aquarius’. It’s a great track to acclimatize the listener to the steamy sounds to come. While the B side takes a more funk heavy approach, with an infectious bassline leading the way through the tribal flutes and cascading hand drums of ‘Cosmic Water.’ Next is the explorative and earthy sounds of the track ‘Ryu Santos.’ The mysterious soundscape of animal calls, shakers and a finely plucked kalimba make for an unforgettable rainforest excursion.

Overall, a very fine addition to the Breathing Room Records discography from the imaginative swiss producer. A must have in the DJ crate of any percussion pundit or just about anyone who wants to take a quick journey downstream through the lush and layered bongo biosphere.

Grab the vinyl on Juno

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ADSR Radio #20: The Mutek Festival special

Listen back to our 20th radio episode, focusing on Montreal electronic festival: Mutek!  Hear two hours of electronic sounds and flavours from Mutek's closing night lineup. Tune in 📡 

Check out the full tracklist over on our radio page and our event recap!

Music News- Tokiomi collaboration release

ADSR label artist Tokiomi joined forces with fellow Japanese producer Ryuei Kotoge for a recent release on the compilation- Abiogenesis.  Out now on Minesota based label, The Great Magnet.  

Check out the full compilation over on The Great Magnet Bandcamp.  

Flashback Friday- Kelowna Live PA trip

Palace of Manufactures Opening: Kelowna's 1st Pop-Up Art Gallery

On the weekend of Saturday June 12th, the ADSR collective took to the sunny skies of the Okanagon Valley in pursuit of the finest sights, sips and sounds. 

Bramble Copeman
Nathalie Denise Coulombe
Natasha Harvey
Jenny Long
Meghan Wise   

Live PA sets
Leona Noche

Thanks to Sean Shepard for all the hard work putting this thing together!

ADSR007 coming June 12th

Release number seven comes from Chicago born, Florida based electronic producer: December Beaches.  For this release Beaches brings forth 2 tracks of energetic, raw, acid house.  Check out the clips on our Soundcloud and jump on the Bandcamp pre-order.

For more info. on the young up and comer check out the mix and interview he did for us earlier this year.