Eelke Kleijn releases title track from upcoming album- 'Moments of Clarity'

The multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Eelke Kleijn strikes again with a euphoric slice of set-ending deep house. But to simply say the track is a great example of the genre would be a bit of an understatement, as ‘Moments of Clarity’ is an eclectic mix of styles and aesthetics. Sure, one can hear some deep house sensibilities, but upon a closer listen it’s apparent that this production skillfully combines elements of downtempo, ambient, house and even breaks.

Regardless of the classification, one thing is for sure, this track provides the perfect bit of introspection suited so well to the end of a set. As Kleijn elucidates “‘Moments of Clarity’ is the kind of track I would play right at the end of my set. Imagine playing it at sunrise after a long intense night. That’s how I envisioned the track while working on it.”

’Moments of Clarity’ serves as the third single and title track from his much anticipated, upcoming third album set to release this fall. Landing on his own ‘Days like Nights’ label, the in-demand dutchman continues to balance his duties as a producer, DJ, soundtrack composer and label head with an eye on an increasingly bright future ahead.

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