From Toronto to the Far North with Alaskan Tapes

What do the expanses of Alaska and Toronto ambient producer Brady Kendall have in common? Well aside from the obvious namesake (Alaskan Tapes) there is certain feeling of calmness one gets surrounded by nature out in the great wilderness. This same tranquility can be found in Kendall’s ambient pieces, often incorporating field recordings, piano, and elements of peacefulness.

Kendall describes the opening track from his most recent release.
”Untitled #1 is apart of my new 4 Track EP entitled "The Ocean No Longer Wants Us", it's a long drone track, that incorporates subtle melody through piano, and other instruments run through Granular synths.” 

Untitled #1 strikes a delicate balance between melody, texture and depth. Soft and gradual ambiance rises and falls, accented by floaty touches of piano, contrasting coarseness of field recordings, and a final touch of nostalgia.

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