Current Eddy serves up a Tasty slice of synth pop heaven with 'Eyes'.

Current Eddy is an international electronic music group based out of Thailand, Korea and the UK.  ‘Eyes’ being only their second release to date displays a track with well established synth pop sensibilities. 

According to my good friend at wikipedia Current Eddy “are loops of electrical current induced within conductors by a changing magnetic field”, it seems that this is the premise behind ‘Eyes’ as the track plays with elements that do exactly that, not just within the audio but also the animated accompanying video. Both sound and vision are created with an infectious playful energy that are excited by all the elements of the track that flutter, swirl and simmer like sparks of imagination caught in a magnetic field. Accented by a bell-diving bassline that bubbles back up towards the surfaces of swirling synths and crisp percussion.

The video is beautifully animated and supports the viscosity of the vibrant pallet of colours which is omnipresent in every sense. Current Eddy already sounds like a group with a distinct style, bringing something fresh and energetic to the table while managing to engage with the more familiar elements of pop we love. If you are a fan of groups such as MGMT, Tama Impala, Flume, and Gotye then be sure to check out future releases from the rising international electronic group. 

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