Texas-native Frythm drops Ambient, Folktronica gem

Matthew Pena aka Frythm is a song writer, producer and DJ from Texas who is starting to build momentum from a series of releases on Soundcloud.  One look at his output over the last few months and you can tell he has been busy. While the majority of his releases have been more club focused, recently we seem to take a departure from his infectious high energy offerings to something more serene. 

Mariposa is a track that seems to be built on reflection. It reminds me of waking up on a peaceful Sunday morning. It gives the listener almost the sensation of that first morning stretch of the limbs while being highly nostalgic and contemplative. It exudes heart break and loss. It plays like a love letter to a lost lover. The track starts off wistful, airy and its ambient free- floating back ground noise and loose percussion make you drift away into your thoughts but the lush haunting vocal textures later draw you back down to earth with poignant affect. While Mariposa has a short run time of 2:40 it doesn’t take much time to draw you in and leave you with a lasting impression. 

Frythm shows us that he is not a one trick pony and is very much a producer with a firm grip on his craft and range. An up and comer to watch for sure, I am excited to see what comes next.